Blog from Ole Miss Senior Camp

Today we started a blog from the start of registration to the end of the camp. To get a sneak peak at everything that happened today, read below.

7:20 am Update

** Last night Yancy saw Dennis Thames Ath/MS and Clayton Moore QB/MS on the Square. They were having a blast and will check in today around 9.

** Yancy emailed Emmanual McCray OL/MS to find out what his final plans were concerning the camp but Yancy has not received an email back.

** Yancy just saw Matt Sowell OL/MS, brother of current Rebel Bradley Sowell, at the OM camp.

9:00 Update

** Yancy just spotted 3 Hotlist members in Jonathan Henderson OL/MS and Cole Tischer LB/DE/TN. and Mississippi State "soft commit" Montez Phillips Ath/MS.

** South Panola brought 15 players including: David Conner S/MS, Marjarvin Chapman DT/MS, Kendrick Strong DE/MS and Rueben Corley FB/MS.

** The West Helena Trio just showed up. They are: Darius Winston CB/AR, Deondre Johnson ATH/AR, and Turrell Williams RB/MS

** Lonnie Lockett CB/LA, brother of Kentrell Lockett, has arrived.

9:20 Update

** Ole Miss is very happy with the turnout. Right now there are a couple of hundred prospects.

*** South Panola brought 15 Sr. Coach Pogue said he wanted to give his seniors their day in the sun. SP did not bring any underclassmen.

*** Yancy just saw David Conner S/MS talking with Coach Nutt 1 on 1 in the hall 5 minute ago.

*** There are 5 prospects from Minneapolis, MN showed up. There is usually 1 prospect OM is hot after in these groups. We're working on finding out who that is.

9:30 Update

*** Yancy has NOT seen Emmanuel McCray OL/MS or Darryl Kinkle CB/MS

*** We've seen some HUGE OL that are a part of the 37 OL on OM's board. We'll get more them soon.

*** It's obvious Dennis Thames and Clayton Moore had a very good time last night because of their smiles on their faces because they're sluggish today. :)

*** Hotlist LB Stephen Roberts from Douglas Georgia has just shown up.

9:35 Update
*** Darryl Kinkle CB/MS has arrived.

*** We have not seen Hans Rice LB/AL or Gabriel Hunter RB/TN

*** DeMarcus Harris OG/MS from Olive Branch has show up. He was able to participate because he was not part of the skill players that are currently at a 7 on 7 in Hoover, AL.

*** 5 prospects from Canton (MS) just walked in.

9:55 Update

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS is here!! (Bumphis was one of the surprise visitors mentioned by Yancy in previous Tidbits.)

*** Jacoby Bell TE/MS and Kevin Norwood WR/MS just showed up.

*** Olive Branch is here with all their OL.

10:15 Update

*** Kentucky commit Justin Bean WR/Tupelo just showed up

*** Tupelo High School brought all of their OL.

10:30 Update

*** Hotlist members and Whitehaven teammates Derek Webb LB/TN and Gene Robinson S/TN just showed up. Neither will participate but both are here to watch.

10:45 Update

*** Sources say that Alex Sparro OT/AL (Prattville) is liked a lot by Ole Miss. He is now a Hotlist guy and looks to be around 6'6.

11:00 Update

*** Raymond Beno C/GA is here.

*** WR/DB Marcus Solomon (GA) took a wrong turn at Moss Point and will not arrive until later this afternoon.

11:45 Update

*** Blount HS out of Mobile, AL brought over 8 players including Enrique Williams LB/AL.

*** Enrique Williams LB/AL ran a 4.7

*** Jacoby Bell TE/MS ran a 4.58

*** Kendrick Hardy RB/MS just arrived.

12:10 pm Update

*** Many of the top players like Gene Robinson S/TN, Derek Webb LB/TN, Dennis Thames Ath/MS, Clayton Moore QB/MS and Kendrick Hardy RB/MS are not running 40 times.

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS just ran a 4.59.

*** Gunnar White OL/MS ran a 5.31 which is the fastest for an OL that Yancy has seen.

12:40 Update

*** Aubrey Phillips OL/MS did not come on the trip with the OB crew, however; Kevin Robinson OL/MS (Jr.) has been offered by Ole Miss and is present for camp.

*** Ole Miss might offer Terrell Grant WR/MS (Cleveland). He is 6'2 and ran a 4.48.

*** It also looks as if DeMont Buice RB/AL from Gadson could get an offer. His HC coached Derrick Nix in high school.

1:00 Update

*** Emmanuel McCray OL/MS called Derrick Nix to let him know that he and his mother are coming to Ole Miss the week after next.

*** Gabriel Hunter RB/TN is not here.

***Yancy just saw LB Lamin Barrow from John Ehret in New Orleans.

*** Jacoby Bell TE/MS said him and Kevin Norwood WR/MS might commit to Ole Miss while Yancy overheard them talking to Dennis Thames Ath/MS. Thames is having a blast according to Yancy.

1:35 Update

*** Jacoby Bell TE/MS and Kevin Norwood WR/MS have been staying with a friend in Taylor, MS since Thursday. Tonight they plan on going out with Dennis Thames Ath/MS and Clayton Moore QB/MS.

1:45 Update

*** Tyler Campbell P/AR is KILLING IT per Yancy.

*** Dennis Thames Ath/MS, Chris Garrett QB/MS, and Chad Bumphis WR/MS are all going to LSU Tuesday on an unofficia.

*** Charle Loeb QB/MA looks pretty good. He's a southpaw.

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS burned Dennis Thames Ath/MS in a one on one route but Bumphis dropped the ball.

2:00 Update

*** Charley Loeb QB/MA appears to be better than "pretty good". Yancy says he has a big arm and great touch. He's 6'4 and left handed.

*** Clayton Moore QB/MS and Chad Bumphis WR/MS look like they have been throwing and catching since they were kids.

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS has the best feet at camp.

2:05 Update

*** Gabriel Hunter's coach just told Yancy that Gabriel Hunter RB/TN is not coming and he does not know why.

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS just rolled his leg pretty bad and is limping around. He looks better but probably will not run any more routes.

2:20 Update

*** Kevin Norwood WR/MS just caught a bomb over Dennis Thames Ath/MS. Norwood runs like a 6'3 jitterbug! Yancy says he's awesome.

*** Chad Bumphis WR/MS is limping pretty badly. He will no longer work out at LSU.

2:40 Update

*** Will Gilchrist QB/TN looks OK.

*** Kendrick Hardy RB/MS is about to leave. He came to the camp with his sister and father.

3:00 pm

Camp let out. The 270 plus recruits are now driving back home.

3:30 Update

*** No commits right now but Kevin Norwood WR/MS, Jacoby Bell TE/MS, Enrique Williams LB/AL and Lamin Barrow LB/LA are on a personal tour.

4:30 Update

***There are still some concerns with DB Darryl Kinkle and his quickness.

***My sources also wanted to see DB Tevin Blanchard in game action before making any final decisions.

6:15 Update

**QB Clayton Moore and Dennis Thames are headed back to Louisville.

6:30 Update

***We believe Ole Miss is in good standing with Dennis We believe Ole Miss left in very good standing with Dennis Thames, Kevin Norwood, Lamin Barrow, and Montez Phillips.

Future Schedule

We will release interviews for the next several days with the key recruits who camped.

We will also release photo galleries and more inside analysis from the players who stood out in the coming days.

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