Quotes from players at the Senior Camp

Below are quotes from some of the players that attended the Ole Miss Senior Camp.

DB Dennis Thames

"My visit was awesome. Just going out and meeting the players and people from around Oxford and just chilling out with them. If I go to Ole Miss, I feel like I would fit in real good with the players. I just went up there and had fun. I went downtown Friday night and got to walk around and see how it is and meet people from around there. I also ate at a lot of good places. Getting to see Coach Nutt and meeting with him one on one was great too.'

"Coach Nutt told me how glad he was to see me, and he told me how much I belonged and fit into Ole Miss. He thinks I have a chance to help turn their program around."

"The highlight of my trip was seeing a lot of the high school players and they already knew about me. It was also good seeing a lot of old faces. They were telling me how they think we should all go to Ole Miss and if I were to commit, then they would too."

"I am going to LSU on Tuesday with Chad Bumphis, Chris Garrett, and David Conner for an unofficial visit."

QB Clayton Moore

"Everytime I go up there, I feel like it is more and more like home away from home. I begged my mother to let us (Dennis Thames) stay another night but we couldn't. I just did not want to go home. That is how much I love it up there."

"Coach Nutt told me how happy he was to see me and he wanted me to bond with the recruits and see where they stood. I hung out with Chad Bumphis, Kevin Norwood, Dennis Thames, and Montez Phillips the whole time. They all like Ole Miss a lot, but like everyone else, they are still looking at other schools too. Hopefully we can pull some strings and get them up there (laugh). I think it is looking pretty good."

WR Terrell Grant

"Nobody knew who I was until I ran a 4.49 forty and Coach Nutt was there when I finished. He told me that I had wheels. I told him I always had it in me."

"I met Coach Austin, Coach Nutt, and Coach Dickerson. They told me they wanted to get me an offer. I think I'll get an offer from Ole Miss really soon. They told me to stay in touch with them because they can't call me right now. I promised them I would."

"Mississippi State offered me Thursday but as a grey shirt. My scholarship is not for 2009 but for 2010. I want to play this year. I don't want to waste any time. I'm going to have to call them back and see if they'll give me one for 2009."

LB Enrique Williams

"I ran a 4.68, and I had a 31 1/ inch vertical. I felt like I performed really good. Ole Miss had previously offered me, and I spoke with Coaches Nutt and Dickerson. They told me to not rush into any decisions."

"I came up there with my father and five of my teammates from Blount."

"They told me that if I commit, they do not want me taking any other visits."

"I did not commit, because they did not ask me too, but they know I want to let things play out and enjoy the recruiting process."

OL Alex Sparro

"I loved the IPF at Ole Miss, and I also really enjoyed the weight room. We drove around the campus and it was really nice. I also enjoyed my time on the game film."

"They did not offer me, but I met with Coaches Nutt and Markuson and they told me that they were really high on me and were going to keep an eye on me this year."

"I measured in at 6' 6", 305 and ran a 5.5 forty and had a 28 inch vertical."

"I have been offered by Houston."

Special Note

We will continue to have quotes from the players that visited throughout the next week as we get a hold of them.

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