Player quotes from OM Sr Camp

Below are quotes from three players who attended Ole Miss' Senior Camp on Saturday.

LB Lamin Barrow

Lamin Barrow

"First we registered. My teammate Deonte Triplett RB/LA came with me and we both did our thing. I had a one on one meeting with Coach Nutt. He told me how much he wanted me as a part of the family. He already knew how he wanted to use me and what he wanted me to do if I were to come to Ole Miss. He doesn't want me to red-shirt. He wants me to play as a freshman. I really enjoyed my time with Coach Nutt."

"Ole Miss is my leader right now but I still like some other schools. I haven't given up on many of the smaller schools either."

CB Tevin Blanchard

These quotes are all from Coach Chris Tickle at Aberdeen.

Tevin Blanchard

"He thought he did well. He wasn't happy with his forty time though."

"I thought he did well in coverage. He just has to learn to finish. Compared to what I saw he held his own. If nothing else he knows he can play big time ball now."

"We haven't worked on form that you use when you run the forty, but I know this kid has football speed. If he works on his form he is a 4.5 guy. He had a 36.5 inch vertical today. He has the athleticism."

"Ole Miss is going to watch him in the fall and go from there. Alabama, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss all really like his coverage skills."

LB Derrick Webb

Derrick Webb

“I just love the thought of playing at Ole Miss and in the SEC. Playing in the SEC is important to me. I like the location of Ole Miss. It’s only 45 minutes from where I stay. They are telling me I can play as a freshman. Ole Miss is a place of opportunity."

“Ole Miss is my leader right now. I know I’m going to take an official visit there. At first I was going to make a decision before the season started, but now I’m going to wait longer to see if any options open up. I really want to go to several Ole Miss games and see how the players respond to the new coaches. I want to see how they perform on the field.”

**These quotes were compiled by Chrisitan Byrd

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