WR Terrell Grant shines at Ole Miss camp

It is hard finding sleepers with the birth of the "recruiting business" that we saw take off when the internet became popular. But if you are looking for a hidden gem, a good place to start is in the Delta of Mississippi, as they are overlooked year in and year out.

The 2009 class looks to have one that is just now getting his name out.

Terrell Grant
"Nobody knew who I was," stated Terrell Grant. "I ran a 4.49 forty (at the Ole Miss Sr camp) and Coach Nutt was there when I finished. He told me that I had wheels. I told him I always had it in me."

What other coaches spoke with the talented WR?

"I met Coach Austin, Coach Nutt, and Coach Dickerson. They told me they wanted to get me an offer. I think I'll get an offer from Ole Miss really soon. They told me to stay in touch with them because they can't call me right now. I promised them I would." (Editors Note: Since this interview, Terrell has reported to Scout.com that he was offered by Ole Miss late Monday afternoon, but we have not been able to verify that with our sources or Terrell.)"

Does Grant have any other offers?

"Mississippi State offered me Thursday but as a grey shirt. My scholarship is not for 2009 but for 2010. I want to play this year. I don't want to waste any time. I'm going to have to call them back and see if they'll give me one for 2009."

Who accompanied the Grant to the camp?

"I rode up their with Derrick Herman who plays for Ole Miss. He told me lots of good things. He says the coaches know everything you do. If you miss class or sleep in class they know. They really enforce rules and I like that. They want you to get your degree. It's not just about football with them. They have a plan so that you can get your degree in three and a half years. So you know education comes first at Ole Miss."

What does the Mississippi star like about Ole Miss?

"This was my second trip to Ole Miss and my first this summer. I really like their Business school. I want to major in Business and they are known for that. I also like the family atmosphere at Ole Miss. The players and the coaches get along really well. I want that in a team. I also liked Coach Dickerson. He taught me so much in one day. He showed me stuff I'd never seen in my life. He really helped my game. I can't imagine what he could teach me over the course of a year. I also loved the intensity. Everything you do with Ole Miss' coaches is high energy."

What's next for Grant?

"I'm going to wait things out and get ready for the season. The number one thing on my mind is the upcoming season. I think other schools will also take notice but I'm thankful that Ole Miss and Mississippi State already have. We have practice soon and I can't wait to get started."

Interview compiled by Christian Byrd

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