Jevan Snead update -

Through one week of fall practice, Rebel QB Jevan Snead feels he's made measureable and acceptable progress in learning to lead the Ole Miss offense. Read about it inside.

Jevan Snead was 12-16 for 215 yards, two TDs and no interceptions in last Saturday's scrimmage.

He was praised by both Houston Nutt and OC/QB Coach Kent Austin for his audibling to get the Rebel offense in "the right plays."

The talented sophomore has gained the respect and attention of the offensive personnel. The Ole Mis offense is now, officially, Jevan Snead's offense.

All those things are fact and all of them point to the Rebel signal-caller having a positive impact on the Ole Miss football program.

But what does Jevan think about what's happening with him through one week of fall camp?

"I think things are going well," Jevan said in a brief interview Tuesday. "We are adding things daily to what we have already put in and we are all learning a little more each day. I'm still in a one-day-at-a-time mode, but I am where I hoped to be at this point in the season. I learn a little more every day about coverages and my reads and seem to be absorbing what we work on each day."

Although Snead calls the process a work in progress, which is a common theme in fall camp at all positions, he felt he had a leg up due to two factors.

"I think I retained a lot from spring with the basic installation. It took a day or two of fall practice for some recall, but that's all it took," Jevan noted. "Also, I think there was a big benefit in having those volunteer 7-on-7 workouts this summer. They not only kept me sharp mentally, they let me get to know our receivers and personnel better."

Jevan is demanding of himself. So where does he feel he is at this point in the football semester?

"I feel my decision making has gotten a lot better since the first day of camp," he continued. "We've been doing a lot of lessons on the board and a lot of that has translated into good decisions on the field. I feel that's gotten better, but there is always room for improvement."

Jevan is also getting more comfortable in his mechanics from spring, where there were one or two issues to clean up.

"My drops are becoming more natural, which was something fairly new to me in spring," he assessed. "I also had some weight transfer issues that I have worked on and continue to work on, but I feel I'm better than I was."

Jevan also feels good about the rapport he has built with his receivers.

"I know each and every one of them can make plays and I feel comfortable throwing to all of them and expecting them to make a play," Snead said.

So, is this now Jevan Snead's offense, no questions asked and without a doubt?

"I think it is," he closed. "I have the attention of the guys in the huddle and I think we are getting more used to each other every day. I believe I have earned their trust as much as they have earned mine."

One week down, three to go before the first game.

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