Enrique Davis -

Freshman Running Back Enrique Davis was blessed with many athletic gifts, but the soft-spoken Rebel also relies on outside inspiration for his accomplishments. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss freshman Running Back Enrique Davis has a big tatoo on right his bicep.

The centerpiece of the tat is a picture of his birth Father. Above it reads the inscription "Like Father, Like Son." Below: Henry A. Davis 1955-1992.

Enrique's natural Father passed away, when the talented Rebel running back was three years old, at the age of 37 from a heart attack while playing basketball. The former Florida All-SEC defensive back collapsed on the floor and the young Davis witnessed it.

Enrique was at the game and still has some recollection of the event.

"I still see flashes of that day even though I was very young and didn't really understand what was happening," says Enrique, which is Spanish for Henry. "My Mother always tells me that the first time my Father held me he said 'there's my All-American' and I have always tried to live up to that. My Dad was a good man, not only a great family man, but active in the community. His death was a shock to everyone."

Enrique knew from a young age that he might have special athletic skills.

He was the little kid at the playground who played with the older guys and did better than they did.

"Whenever we had pick up games, I was the only little kid they'd let play," he smiled. "I wasn't thinking about college then or anything - that came later. I was just having fun. In PeeWee ball, I played behind some older guys but I seemed to always get more yards and touchdowns with less carries than they did.

"I didn't even start in high school until I was a junior and then the offers from everywhere started to come in."

Enrique draws his inspiration, along with memories of his Father, to excel first and foremost in his staunch belief in God.

"My Mom always told me to keep God first and that's what I have always done and will keep doing. I thank Him for blessing me with the skills I have," Enrique said.

Enrique also has been blessed with good parents. His Mother, Bobbie, remarried to one Kenneth Gray, who stepped in and guided Enrique.

"I don't even call him my step-father. I call him my Dad. He is a great man, one I love deeply. I am so blessed to have two Christian parents who have been such a big part of my life and have kept me on the right path through everything," he says. "I thank God for them."

Back to football, Davis draws on God, his ability, his deceased Father and his parents for his motivation.

"My birth Dad once ran a kickoff back all the way to beat Miami in the late stages of a game. I read clips about him that say he was a difference-maker, a game-changer," he closed. "I want to be like like - a game-changer.

"With my support system, work ethic, athletic ability and faith, I believe I will accomplish those things during my career and 'Like Father, Like Son' will come true."

Davis has already made an impression on the Rebel coaching staff. With his outlook on life, and the inspiration he has, don't look for that to change.

A game-changer he will be. . . .

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