Breaux Ball

Ole Miss has a talented wide receiver corps. Lionel Breaux, one part of it, is well aware of that and appreciates the competition.

Last season he played a lot on special teams. He started one game but played in 10.

This time around he's working hard to make sure he's on the field more this fall.

"I'm studying my playbook and learning all the plays," said the sophomore from New Orleans. "Hopefully everything will work out and I'll get some playing time this year."

Last year wasn't the easiest of situations for the 6-foot, 190-pounder.

"I just tried to be patient and work hard, but it was a little frustrating," he said. "Just doing a lot of sitting and waiting and not doing anything, it was kind of aggravating. But I talked to the coaches (back then), and they were like for me just to chill out because they didn't think I knew enough yet. I was allright with that. I understood, so I just waited."

The last couple of Saturdays have proved he may indeed be waiting less to get involved in game action. Although he only caught a couple of passes each scrimmage, Breaux was active on the field in several plays, in addition to when he wasn't thrown to.

He's enjoying having sophomore Jevan Snead at the controls of the offense.

"Jevan's arm is strong," said Breaux, also a track star in high school. "Working with him one on one, he throws a hot ball. I've been getting comfortable and getting used to it now."

Breaux was one of the former staff's signees. He was one of several players from the New Orleans area that came to Ole Miss under the former regime.

With last offseason's coaching changes and not being really sure which way his career might be headed, Breaux took some time to figure things out. And he talked it all over with his father.

"I thought about transferring, but I discussed it with my dad. He was like let's sit back and wait and see who the next coaches were," Breaux said. "Once I found out it was Coach (Houston) Nutt, I thought back to my Arkansas visit (when he was in high school), and Coach Nutt was the one recruiting me. So I liked that and I figured I'd stay here and play under him. I was glad he was the one coming in."

His early thoughts on Nutt have only been reinforced since then.

"Coach Nutt's a great coach," he said. "Just sitting down and talking to him one on one, I've got a real good connection with him. He's one of the best coaches I've been around."

Breaux is happy to be on the field more, and he hopes that does indeed turn into more playing time in games this fall.

"I was pleased to get the extra reps and help the team out," Breaux said. "We're all one heartbeat. I'm glad I got a chance to work with the ones as much as I did."

He believes in this team and feels the Rebels can win.

"We're confident," Breaux said. "We've just got to continue to work, and everything will keep getting better."

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