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Ole Miss Quarterback Jevan Snead admits to being "anxious" about the start of the 2008 football season. He's ready to play some "real" football. Read about it inside.

First there was the scout team during his transfer, sit-out year in 2007.

Then there was spring training.

Then the offseason program and volunteer 7-on-7 practices.

Will the season ever start for Ole Miss sophomore Quarterback Jevan Snead?

Just a few more days, Jevan. Just a few more days.

"My excitement level is through the roof right now," said Snead. "Every day, the season gets closer and I get more and more ready to play."

Snead is having a hard time containing himself. Does he think settling down to a "normal" level of adrenaline will be an issue when the Rebs kick off their season against Memphis on August 30th?

"I'm going to be pretty anxious and pretty excited. I'm sure that first drive I'm going to be letting all my emotions out, but after the first couple of plays I'll get into a rhythm and everything will be fine," he analyzed.

Jevan has not had live contact since his last action at Texas his true freshman year.

"Hitting is just part of the game. I'm looking forward to the first hit. Well, maybe not looking forward to it, but that's part of football and fortunately I have a great offensive line in front of me," he smiled. "Even though I haven't been hit in practice, I feel I have a pretty good internal clock in my head. I can feel when I need to run it, dump it or throw it away. In practice, I don't sit back there and act like I've got all the time in the world. I am aware of what it would be like if the action was live."

The end, or should we say beginning, is just around the corner. Jevan feels prepared.

"We've been going back over plays we've been over this fall camp, we've added a few new things since I talked to you last week, we're watching film on Memphis and seeing what we can do to excel against them," he explained.

In a lot of ways, game weeks are easier than preseason. Jevan explains why.

"When you are in camp, the whole playbook is thrown at you. During game week, things are narrowed down to what we are going to run against a certain opponent and you get to focus on those things," Jevan noted.

Snead, and every QB in the country, will be dealing with the 40-second play clock this year. Does he see a lot of difference?

"I believe it will end up being close to the same pace in the game. We've been working with the 40-second clock and haven't had too many issues with it," Snead added. "We'll adjust to it fine."

Jevan has always talked about getting command of the huddle and earning a leadership role. He's gotten as much of that as he can in practice. Now he's ready to apply that in games.

"I want to show my teammates that I actually can play and I can do more than practice," he smiled. "I'm just ready to get out there and do something. I haven't been able to play in a long time and it's time."

Jevan still calls himself a Texan, but he's all Ole Miss now.

"I'm settled in here now. It's a great university. The state of Texas is still my home, but Ole Miss is also my home. I'm very proud to be here and play for Ole Miss," he continued. "It was difficult to sit out last year and not be able to help the team, but I got through it and now I'm ready to play."

What does he expect of himself during the season?

"I expect to execute, just like I have in practice. I expect to run the offense the way we have rehearsed it," Jevan noted.

Jevan also knows he's not a one-man team.

"As I said, I've got a great line in front of me, our wide receivers are excellent and the running backs are very exciting," he added. "Our backs are good at reading the holes and making good decisions and I'm very excited about their blocking ability - that definitely helps me - and their receiving skills. We are going to use them in the passing game. I will have to check down to them some and I know a 5-yard pass can turn into a TD because of their explosiveness."

Speaking of checking off at the line, how much leeway does Jevan have within the offense to change plays at the line of scrimmage?

"If I don't get the right defensive look, I can check out of plays. There are also things I can check out of just from my feel of what's happening. I have good leeway to change things," Jevan explained.

Jevan Snead is nine days from ending his long journey without any football under the spotlight of a big crowd.

It can't get here soon enough for him.

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