Practice Report: Saturday

The Rebels had a "doors locked" game rehearsal practice in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium today. Houston Nutt wanted them to get a taste of "everything," including the new video board. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt seemed as pleased as any coach a week away from the season opener could be with the Rebs' game rehearsal practice in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday evening.

He began his assessment mentioning the new video board, which was also going through a test run during the workout.

"It was beautiful. Crystal clear. It is high-definition all the way," he said. "It's outstanding. Our fans are going to love it. I know our players enjoyed it tonight. I told them we were going to get the gawking about it out of the way tonight, so I hope we did."

On to the real important issue - the game rehearsal.

"It went good. We had a few errors, but that is why you go through those. We had good traffic flow and substitutions. We had a full SEC officiating crew here and we did well with the sideline operation," Nutt noted. "One of the best things was how we handled the 40-second clock. We had worked hard on it and Jevan (Snead) didn't have any problems with it. It looks like it's going to average out like a 25-second clock, but the game should flow a little quicker. We didn't have any issues with him checking at the line or anything.

"The only time we had a close call was after a long run by one of our backs and getting everyone in the huddle was a little faster paced. But I think we can get used to that."

Houston said there were no new injuries, knock on wood.

"Ted Laurent is getting better. I think we can get something out of him in the first game. I am hoping to get Peria (Jerry) back for the first SEC game and maybe even Greg (Hardy). He's getting better, but I am hoping that and don't really know for sure," he said. "Tony Fein played MLB for Jonathan Cornell, who got banged up early this week, but I look for Cornell to be back for the Memphis game."

Houston started naming names and critiquing performances without much prompting.

"Jevan had the most responsibility and he did a nice job of getting the formations and personnel right and reading the signals. He did really good," Nutt added. "The receivers also had a good night. The OL knew who to block and executed well. Cordera Eason and Brandon Bolden did some good things at running back.

"Defensively, Marcus Tillman continues to stand out. He's had a great camp. He is so dependable and is going to give you great effort every snap. Ashlee Palmer has had a real good camp, I think once Allen Walker gets full speed he'll make a strong push. Fein has done very well. I have been proud of his attitude. The safeties and corners all did a good job with coverage today. The kickers were also very good. We just have to keep building on it right up to Saturday."

Nutt gave a little insight to the schedule for game week.

"Sunday we will make sure they have their school books, we'll have a weight workout and then a 45-minute workout. That is what we will do on every Sunday," he said. "Sunday night, we will have a meeting.

"Monday, it's all school - the first day of school. They will be students at Ole Miss and nothing else. Tuesday we will have a blue collar work day. Usually, Wednesday is the same - a hard work day, but we will back off a little this Wednesday because they have worked so hard for so long in August. Then we will start shortening things up until Saturday."

Game week begins now. . . .

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