Showdown at Louisville

The defending 5A, 5A Semifinalist, and 3A champs all squared off against one another Friday in Louisville Jamboree. To see which players stood out, read below.

Final Scores

South Panola 20, Louisville 7
Meridian 14, South Panola 0
Meridian 7, Louisville 7

Here is a break down from most of the possible D1 players on all three teams.


Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore- We enjoyed getting to watch Clayton play tonight. His WR had a case of the drops so the stats may not be indicative, but he throws a pretty ball. He has a good arm, but the thing I like the most about him is pocket presence and toughness. Several times he fought his way out of a sack and is not scared to tuck the ball and run. Clayton also continues to look downfield when he is scrambling and makes good decisions. I don't believe he threw a pick all night.

Dennis Thames- He hurt his knee early in the first game so he was not full speed. He dropped several catchable balls on offense, but he does have great speed. They had him playing MLB tonight so I didn't get to see him play S. However, his drops and lateral movement were both good enough for the Safety position.

Markeese Triplett- Jr.- He is 6'4 210 pounds and has great speed. He dropped a couple of catchable balls tonight, but he runs good routes, has decent hands, and is a physical blocker. Caught a TD tonight and just missed a second one. He will be one to watch next year.

Kentrell Miller- Jr.-6'7 285 Right Tackle. Kentrell did well tonight, but he needs to be more physical. At his size and speed he can be dominate. He will have to improve his quickness against pass rushers in the future, but he looks like a Jr. to watch as well.




South Panola

Nick Parker

Nick Parker- Jr. RB. He has good size and decent speed. He isnt near the back Tig was, but he runs hard. I didn't see the breakaway speed that I have seen from RBs in the past at South Panola, but I think he is a good player

David Renfroe
- QB- We were surprised at how good of an arm Renfroe had. We knew he was a great baseball player, but he is a pretty bang good QB too. He was accurate on his passes and put good touch on the ball.

Don Blevins- OL- Don didn't have a good night. He was weak in run blocking and wasn't very good in protection.

David Conner- DB- Conner had a decent game, but he has had better ones. Needs to work on his lateral movement, but he is a good hitter.

Marvin Burdette- LB- He really impressed me. Marvin is a hard hitter and was all over the place. He was a sure tackler. Best defensive player on the field for SP tonight.

Issac Gross- Freshman- This guy is going to be a super stud. He is 6' 5" 270 and started at DT for South Panola. He is extremely fast off the ball and did very well. He is very strong for a freshman. Expect to hear alot about this kid over the next 3 years.

Quintarius Griffin- Sophomore RB- The little brother of Jeramie Griffin, who now plays at Alabama, has a great build to play RB. He runs well and seems very strong for such a young kid. He may be the next big time back at SP. Showed some good flashes tonight.

Reuben Corley
- SR FB/TE - The newly switched fullback to tight end caught two 2-point conversions on little dumps out of the backfield. They did not use him much in the running game but he needs to stick with his blocks longer.


Tyler Russell

Tyler Russell- Tyler had a heck of a game tonight. We think he threw one pass that was off target all night long. Russell throws the deep ball well. He threw short and intermediate routes how they are supposed to be thrown. Tyler has good mobility in the pocket and has good awareness. I was really impressed with Tyler.

Chris Smith
- Probably the player we were most disappointed in tonight. Chris has a good build, but he did not look very good tonight. He ran sloppy routes and dropped three passes in his hands.

Hamp Glover- May be the second best athlete on Meridian's team. He was a WR and backup QB. Hamp is very fast and has great hands.

J. J. Harbin- Harbin jumps very well and made two great catches. He is also fast and runs crisp routes.

Khairi Usher- He was not very impressive as he is needs to work on his tackling, and he doesn't have the hips to play cornerback on the college level, in my opinion.

Jeremy Eason- Sophomore- Jeremy is Cordera's little brother. He is 5'11 225 pounds and played NG for Meridian. He will be moved to TB next year, but I see him as a good LB or TB. He has great speed and really had good instincts for the ball. He is going to be another stud.

**Notes and analysis were helped gathered by Aaron Jussely who has done past film work for Brandon football team.

Special Note

Remember this was a jamboree and these players may have had a better than normal night or a worse than normal night..

We will also be game footage from the jamboree in the coming days.

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