PK getting close to an Ole Miss offer?

College football has experienced several changes in the last few years. One of those changes involves kicking off from the thirty five yard line instead of the forty. While the five yard difference may seem small to the outside observer, those who are faithful in watching a handful of college games each Saturday have probably noticed a difference.

Teams are starting with better field position to begin drives. The need for a strong kicker is as high as ever.

"My main focus is on kick off and place kicking duties," stated Andrew Ritter. I can also punt but I feel that kicking off and place kicking are my strengths."

It's those strengths that have several schools taking notice.

photo by Clarion Ledger

"Recruiting is going good. Things have slowed down a little bit but I'm still hearing from Army, Ole Miss and a little from Georgia Tech."

Does Ritter have a scholarship offers?

"I've been offered by Army. Ole Miss has offered me a preferred walk-on spot, so I'm guaranteed a spot on the team. Ole Miss said they may have a spot open up for me in the future. I would love to get an offer from them."

What does the 6' 4", 205 pound Jackson Aca kicker know about the schools recruiting him?

"I don't know much about Army. I've spoken with some of their coaches and I like them. You have to serve five years after you finish college. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment. My mom isn't ready for that commitment either (laugh). Don't get me wrong, I'm not ruling them out. It's also very far away. I'm from Mississippi and it's in New York."

"I grew up pulling for Ole Miss. My parents went to Ole Miss and I've grown up going to their games. I have friends go their just as students and friends that are on the football team. They've offered me a walk on spot. I'm hoping that they find a scholarship for me. They said they might. I'm looking for a scholarship."

What has Ritter learned from the recruiting process so far?

"I grew up learning to hate LSU and Mississippi State (laugh). But going to all these campuses and meeting opposing coaches, I've learned that you have to step away from being a fan. It's about football. I'm not going to do the "fan" thing."

What's next for the Jackson Academy standout?

"I'm going to the Ole Miss game this Saturday. I've been talking to Coach Shibest. He wants me to come up to the game and I told him I'd be there."

Interview complied by Christian Byrd

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