Practice Report: Tuesday

During normal game week preparations, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt likes to put his troops through two physical practices - on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This week, since the Rebs are coming off a tough preseason camp, today was the last "physical" day before the opener. Read about it inside.

The Rebels had their last "physical" - re: contact - practice of the week. Nutt was pleased with Tuesday's work.

"Good day today. Good Tuesday," he said. "Good concentration. For the first school-day practice, it was good. We don't ever practice on the first day of school. Let them have that first day being a true student and then come back with a school day and have practice. For the most part, I was proud of them."

Nutt was asked with a defense that's been banged up a bit, was more expected of the offense in game one.

"We're asking a lot out of all of them. Someone had to step up for Peria. Someone had to step up for Greg Hardy. Our defense has to step up. On offense we've been saying let's stay on the field, let's take care of the ball. So we put a lot of emphasis on that as well."

Nutt mentioned it appears the team's health is pretty good right now.

"We're starting to get healthy now," he said. "We just want to stay that way.

"I told the guys Sunday that we've had all our injuries for the year," he quipped. "That's all over. We've had enough."

Injury Report: LaMark Armour (knee), Greg Hardy (foot), Peria Jerry (knee), Brent Smith (shoulder).

Justin Sanders was back and in full gear. Mike Wallace appears to be fine.

"I'm anxious for all these guys to really get their legs back underneath them," Nutt said. "Start getting them fresh and hopefully they'll be very fast."

During early offensive plays, David Traxler and Gerald Harris were splitting reps at tight end.

At running back Cordera Eason, Derrick Davis, and Brandon Bolden were splitting reps with the first unit. Enrique Davis and Devin Thomas were with the second unit. Don't know if that means anything necessarily, but that's the way things were early today.

Nutt said Eason has had a solid camp.

"He's been very ball-conscious, and he's done it with competition. That's what you like. He's held on. He knew he was going to get competition. He knew there were some freshmen, some redhot guys who were Friday night heroes that were coming in, that were very talented. He hung in there and has been very mature about it. He competed hard and he kept it. These young guys are talented, but Cordera's been there longer."

Nutt said there is no magic formula for any freshmen or newcomers as far as how much playing time they'll get.

"Whoever's hot," he said. "Whoever has that feel. Having guys that are hot in the game and running with their eyes. It's easy to see those guys and keep them going. When we substitute, it's like I told these freshmen Sunday, you don't know when your opportunity will come. Got to be ready. Protect the ball. Go play as hard as you can. Let it happen. Many times we've kept a freshman in there 40 percent of the time. Guys like Felix Jones or (Darren) McFadden. They got hot and we kept them in there. You're hoping the lights don't get them, the band doesn't get them. You hope it's like practice and they're on automatic pilot."

Other notes:

Jonathan Cornell appears to have moved back to No. 1 MLB.

Marshay Green was receiving all No. 1 reps on punt return.

Jacarious Lucas was not at practice today. He was trying to clear up some academic issues. No further details available.

"Hopefully we'll get him back out here soon," Nutt said of Lucas.

Newcomers Kermit Tyler, who is out of football, and Aaron Hawkins, who should greyshirt, were watching practice today.

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