Cleveland WR takes in Ole Miss game

The 6' 3", 205 pound wide receiver out of Cleveland opened up his season on a positive note.

"We beat West Boliver 14-3," added Terrell Grant. "I had a couple of catches for like 28 yards. Our QB did not have any time to throw the ball, so we were not throwing it like we have been in practices, but we are going to get all of that straight before we play Leland."

Grant woke up the next morning and headed over to Oxford to see the Ole Miss/Memphis game.

"I drove over there with one of my coaches, and I just liked everything about their offense. I saw a lot of improvements from last year, a lot, especial with their passing game. I think Coach Nutt is really about to turn it around, and a big part of it is going to be their passing game. That was the first college game I have ever been to, and I enjoyed it a lot. I like the fans and just the whole environment. It is a good school. I like everything about it."

The Ole Miss fans really made an impression.

"The fans stood out the most to me. Every play they would yell to help their defense or offense out. They were even yelling when they were blowing Memphis out. That caught my eye. And I liked how the coaches were throwing it over and over. They threw it more than I expected. That was my main focus to see if they were going to be conservative or not, and I guess they saw something against Memphis' defense, and they let it rip."

Terrell had a chance to speak with the receiver coach at Ole Miss.

"I left early in the 4th quarter because I did not want to get caught in all of that traffic, but I spoke with Coach Dickerson when they were running to the tunnel at half-time. Coach Nutt waved and pointed at me as he was running in. That was pretty cool."

Grant believes he is getting closer and closer to making a decision.

"I am probably going to make a decision pretty soon, as early as this week or as late as next week, but it will be pretty soon, I promise you that. I just want to make sure I am making the right decision and go over everything there is to go over, but I am about 99% sure of my decision. I just need to take a few days to go over it with my family."

Who are the schools still in the running?

"Ole Miss and MSU. I want to stay close to home, so if there is an emergency at my house, I can get over there in a hurry. I need to make sure I do not leave too far from home."

What will be the other factors in Terrell's decision?

"I want to go be with a great head coach and a great position coach. I want to play in an explosive offense, not one that just runs and runs it. But the main thing will be team unity and location. I need to stay close to home and I do not want to play for a team where they think they are all superstars. I want to be in a family environment."

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