Grant talks about his decision

Terrell reported to us last night that he was going to make his decision early this week. Shortly after we hung up, Grant went ahead and pulled the trigger.

"The reason I went ahead and committed to Ole Miss is because I had already seen most of the campus, facilities, and I met most of the players and saw how the coaches treated them," added Terrell Grant. "The only thing I had left to see was how intense their fans were at their games, and I loved how fired up their fans stayed throughout the game. That was pretty much it for me. I talked to my parents, and they gave me my blessing so I called Coach Dickerson (At Ole Miss) to let him know."

What was his reaction?

"He was really happy, real ecstatic. He understood why I choose them because of how well I fit into their offense. They need another tall receiver to go up and get the ball. I fit perfectly in their offense. I told him that I was calling Coaches Nutt and (Derrick) Nix to let them know."

Is Terrell solid with his decision?

"Yea, I am pretty much through with the recruiting process. It felt good having all of the colleges coming after you, but it started getting a little hectic and the pressure started building. When I knew I was 100% sold on my decision, I was ready to get it over with. I am totally sold on Ole Miss, and you will not see me decommitting in the future or anything like that. I do not play that game."

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