McCray plans to take in Samford game

The 6' 5", 285 pound offensive tackle out of Forest Hill started the season on a good note.

"We played pretty good," stated the always personable Emmanuel McCray. "We won against our big rival, Wingfield, 27-20. We were up 27-0, and they came back on us a little in the second half, but we had it under control."

McCray has already noticed some improvements in his game.

"I am just in a lot better shape this year because I am starting on both sides of the ball. I am in way better shape than last year. My mobility is better, but I am still trying to improve on my run blocking. I feel like I am a lot stronger now, but my run blocking needs to get better."

McCray is now benching 325, which is a thirty pound improvement since the summer conditioning drills started.

"I worked hard this summer, real hard. It was all about my team, and for our team to get better, I had to get better. We have a good senior class this year. We have really come together. We have some new coaches on the DL and WR, but we have most of our coaches back. We are looking pretty good."

McCray had dreams of playing defensive end as a kid but realizes his game is more suited for the offensive line.

"It is fun playing defensive end. I always wanted to play end but our coaches would not let me do it (laugh), but now, I am starting at end and (offensive) tackle. Offense is where I am more natural though. I have been playing it the whole time, but I like end because you do not have to think. You do not have to have a brain to play on defense, just an attitude (laugh)."

While Emmanuel has remained committed to Ole Miss; that has not stopped him from listening to what the other schools are telling him.

"The main three schools called me. USM was actually the first school to call me. Coach Nutt actually called me right after USM, and then I spoke with Coach Cheese (MSU) last night."

What did USM say?

"Coach Hughes called and talked about his game. They were in a blow out and scored 51 points. He was telling me how their offense is really rolling. Coach just wants to keep in touch."

What was Coach Nutt's message?

"He just told me about their game, and he said that they were about to get some more commits because a lot of players have been calling him since they blew out Memphis. We talked about his game plan against Wake Forest, and I asked him when their next home game is because I want to bring my mother up there to meet them. They play back home in a couple of weeks, and I have tentatively set up plans to go to it."

What did Coach Cheese say?

"He was just keeping in touch, and he told me that he can now call me once a week. He talked about their game and the minor mistakes they made in it. I also spoke with Coach Croom a little bit about next week's game and how they are staying confident despite what happened. He said they understood how to correct the mistakes, and they expect to have a big game Saturday. I think me and my mom might make it to the game Saturday. We might. It just depends on my plans. Nothing is certain yet."

Anymore schools actively recruiting McCray?

"Alabama has started sending me some letters, but that is about it."

What is McCray looking for while he takes his visits?

"First of all, team chemistry. I do not want to go anywhere where they are not a team. I want to see how the coaches treat their players in a game like situation. Do they take suggestions form the players? Do they listen to their players or is it this way or the highway?"

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