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Ole Miss Offensive Line Coach Mike Markuson has been asking for more physicality from his OL. Senior RG Maurice Miller feels the Rebs delivered on that demand - somewhat - against Memphis. Read about it inside.

"Be physical!"

That was the battle cry to the Rebel offensive linemen from last spring and it continues into the season from OL Coach Mike Markuson.

But no matter how much a coach preaches, cajoles, demands and encourages, you don't know if those attributes will surface until you line up and play a real game.

To senior Right Guard Maurice Miller, more of the physical nature Markuson has been pleading for showed up against Memphis.

If the Ole Miss-Memphis game had been a boxing match, it might have been stopped in the latter rounds.

Michael Oher had 10 knockdowns followed by John Jerry with 9, Mo with 7 and Daverin Geralds with 6.

"We saw a lot more physical play on film Sunday and it made us feel better about ourselves," said Miller. "Can we get better? Yes. Can we get more knockdowns? Yes, but you can see it coming around.

"We have a totally different mindset now than in the spring."

Mo said he felt it would evolve, but first things first.

"I think we were less aggressive in spring because we were learning the system and weren't turning loose and just playing," he explained. "It was more physical work then.

"Once we got that behind us, it became a mental thing. We knew being more physical was in us, but we just had to bring it out more. We got a good taste against Memphis, but we all want to do more and be more physical as the season progresses."

Miller was moved back to his old position of RG after a year and a half at right tackle. He said it's no big deal.

"I'm very comfortable at guard and it helps that John (Jerry) and I are still side-by-side. We are comfortable with each other no matter who is at guard and who is at tackle now," he explained. "Big John did very well at RT for his first time. I have helped him with my experience out there the past year or so with some little things and he has caught on quickly. He's such a great athlete, it's natural to him."

Mo also flanks new Center Daverin Geralds. His opinion of Daverin's coming out party was good as well.

"We watched film and Daverin acted like a man possessed on film. He's only going to get better and better," Maurice assessed.

Miller said Wake Forest has a never-say-die defense.

"It's not just their defensive line - they play hard at every position on defense," Mo said. "They come at you full speed, non-stop, until the whistle blows. They run to the ball and they force a lot of turnovers. They are coming for the ball, not just to make tackles.

"We will have to play very well against them, better than we did against Memphis, and all of us know that."

The battle cry of being physical continues, but step one is behind them now.

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