Houston Nutt postgame

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The following are Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt's postgame comments after Wake Forest defeated the Rebels 30-28 Saturday.

Nutt: I was really proud of our team. I thought they fought hard and hung in there. I was disappointed in the gifts we gave them. We gave them some and we talked about it all week. You can't do that. They're too good. Our first series the defense did a great job. Then we have a miscommunication on the punt and that's a seven-point gift. We had two interceptions. I thought Jevan came back and really competed. He came back and really hit some key passes for us. The only thing I was really disappointed in was we didn't run it as well. There weren't many running lanes in there. What I take from this is we've got some heart. We've got some kids who laid it on the line. But you can't give them gifts and have those kind of gift-wraps against a top 20 team on the road in the ACC. You can't do that. We could easily be in here singing and having a good time. But you have to finish.

Q: On Wake's final drive, a 22-yard completion (Riley Skinner to D.J. Boldin) was a key. What happened on that play?

Nutt: We're in zone and we were hoping to get a sack. But we didn't get to him that time. Without watching the film, probably one of our linebackers didn't fall back in the window there.

Q: Looked like on a couple of plays in their last drive you had the right call and missed the tackle.

Nutt: Yes, missed tackles. Several opportunities there to put it away. Not just defense. Offensively you can't turn it over. Special teams you can't have a mishap like we had. It's a team game and not one person; it's all of us. We're close. We're close.

Q: The third quarter was not kind to your team. Any thoughts on why?

Nutt: We were ready to go. You saw their effort. But we're playing a good team. Good teams cause you to do that (make some mistakes). We've got to get better. We've got to get better and handle our composure. These guys (Rebs) had one thing on their minds and that was to win this ballgame.

Q: Are you closer to being a good team than you thought you would be at this point?

Nutt: I am. I didn't think we'd be this close. Go ask Coach (Jim) Grobe.

Q: Your thoughts on Jevan today.

Nutt: He was awesome. To be able to escape problems, hit receivers, keep the chains moving. Awesome.

Q: Did coming from behind twice give you an idea of this team's grit?

Nutt: Real fight. Got some heart. We'll build off that. Eliminate the turnovers. Eliminate the mistakes, and you've got a win.

Q: Brandon Bolden was out a good bit of the second half.

Nutt: Got hit pretty good on the kickoff return right before the half. Got hit again pretty good. I thought Devin Thomas came in and gave us a spark. Shoulder (on Bolden) and took a pretty good hit.

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