Juco OL talks about Ole Miss trip

One of the fast rising junior college prospects in the Magnolia state had a chance to take in an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi for the Memphis game.

How did the trip go?

"It was just your regular visit," added Heath Blount. They showed us around with their ambassador. Coach Nutt addressed all of the recruits, and we watched the team warm up on the field. Coach Markuson came over and shook my hand. I stayed until the 4th quarter, and then the game kind of got out of hand, so we took off to beat the traffic. I got over there around noon and hung out in the Grove with some friends who go to school there."

The 6' 5", 295 pound left tackle grew up going to Ole Miss football games, but that was as a fan, not as a recruit.

"Before, when I went down there for a game, I was just going over there as a fan. But this trip was a lot different. You are down there to maybe be a player for them some day. The atmosphere, facilities, you learn what they do before the game. I was seeing like I would be if I were in a helmet. You take it in like that."

Looking at through a player's view; what did Blount observe?

"If I was a player, walking through the Grove, 60, 000 at the game and there are twice that much as that in the Grove. All eyes are on you. It is a pretty cool feeling. The biggest crowd I played in was at ICC. It blows my mind thinking about what it would be like walking through the Grove down the Walk of Champions and then headed to that stadium. It would be pretty exciting."

When Blount arrived at the game; what was he keying in on?

"I had the mindset that I was going to watch the left tackles. At Arkansas, they had a little different offensive system. They are more pass oriented now with Coach Austin being there. I saw how much fun it would be to play in that system, with the Wild Rebel, and (Michael) Oher was just fun to watch. He as so impressive."

What was Heath expecting before he went to the game?

"I did not know what to expect. Coach Markuson told me how he coached, and I saw that he was completely honest with me. That is what stood out to me the most. . I was sitting really close to the sideline, so I got a good look at how he treated his players during the game. It was exactly like he told me he coached. His players have that drive, but the coaches treat them with respect and are open to suggestions. It is a give and take with their staff. I like that."

The overall atmosphere also got Heath's attention.

"The atmosphere, you can tell it has completely changed from last year. Everybody was just so into the game. They stayed into well into the 4th quarter when it was a blowout. They stayed loud, real loud all the way until the end. Some schools may have more fans, but they are not louder than Ole Miss'."

Blount is taking his visit tour to MSU this weekend.

"I want to get to at least one MSU and one USM game before I go visit the out of state schools. I am going to try and take an unofficial visit to MSU this weekend and USM in a couple of weeks. I like the unofficial visits because there is no pressure on you and you can just sit back and observe. All three state schools (MSU, OM, USM) have been calling and showing a lot of interest in me, so I want to see what they all have to offer before I make my decision."

Who are some of the out of state programs involved?

"Arkansas and Kansas State have been calling recently. They want me to come up there and take a visit."

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