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While the Rebels did not play as sharply and crisply as some might have hoped, they took care of business satisfactorily, all things considered, and declared they will be ready for conference play starating next week against undefeated Vanderbilt. Read the players' comments inside.

The following are player quotes after the 34-10 victory over Samford Saturday night in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

TB Cordera Eason: (On the win) We started out a little sluggish, but we had a real good drive to end the first half and that kind of got us going a little. We got our 'W' and that's the most important thing. We weren't clicking on all cylinders tonight, but we'll be ready for the next challenge. (On his performance) The O-Line did a nice job and opened up some big holes for the backs. I think we improved the run game this week. It's been a slow start, but I can see some things starting to develop. We've been patient because we know when it comes around, it's going to come hard. Once we get it rolling, we are going to be hard to stop. We are close, but we still have some things to shore up. (On Samford) They came after us hard and we were a little sluggish, but we snapped out of it enough to put them away by half. They weren't going to come back - we knew that.

QB Jevan Snead: (On his play) I don't know what my problem was tonight. The ball was sailing on me - just one of those nights. I'll just have to watch the film and correct my mistakes on the practice field. I'm sure it was something mechanical and I'm sure Coach (Kent) Austin will let me know what I'm doing and help me fix it. I was rushing throws and not getting my feet right. (On the drive before half) That's the only one I stayed fundamentally correct on. Funny how that works - do things right and you have success. Don't and you look bad. On the rest of the drives we had, the OL, backs and receivers get all the credit. (On the team) We didn't underestimate Samford, but we came out a little flat and couldn't get it going. My play didn't help the cause at all. I am disappointed with that. We grew a little bit tonight. We have a lot more growing to do. (On the run game) I saw a big improvement and that excites me. The holes were there - the OL did a great job. They worked hard to improve and pretty much dominated the game tonight for the most part. (On where the offense is after three games) I'd say we are on track. I'm disappointed in myself, but the rest of the offense is coming along very well. I know there are a lot more big plays out there and it's up to me to connect on them. They are there to be made. We have the potential for a lot of big plays, but it's up to me to connect on them. I'll get it right.

WR Mike Wallace: (On his 4-catch, 102-yard performance) It was an OK night, but there were a lot more opportunities to make plays that we didn't make. We came out a little flat and just weren't as sharp as we needed to be. (On Vandy and the SEC) We are excited, but we know we can't play like we did tonight. We have a lot of work to do, but we'll work hard during the week and get ourselves prepared. I don't look for us to come out flat next week. Vandy has not lost a game and they are rolling pretty good. We'll have to play very well, but that is our intention.

WR Lionel Breaux: (On his game) I was happy to get a chance to play more. I hope to get more reps as the season progresses. I think I made a couple of nice catches tonight so I'm happy right now with my performance. (On the receiving corps) We're working together to become a more complete unit. The first couple of games, it was three guys. Tonight, we all got more of a chance to play and rest the starters, so I think we are starting to develop as a whole. I think having good depth will be important as the games click by so the experience we got tonight was good for all of us. (On SEC play approaching) It's all about commitment and hard work. We are willing to pay the price. We're excited it's time for conference play. We know how tough it is, but we are going to be ready for it.

DT Ted Laurent: (On his return) I'm about 95% right now and feel good. Most of the rust is off my game and I feel like I can contribute more and more. I don't have any pain, so I'm good - back to where I was. (On starting) There's not much difference - you just get more snaps. We still have a rotation so we all stay fresh. (On the defense) I think we are getting better day by day. Our goal tonight was to hold Samford under 100 yards rushing and we did that, so I feel good about the direction we are going. We all know we have to play better than we did tonight when the SEC comes to town, but I think we will focus and get things right.

CB Cassius Vaughn: (On the defense) I think we are on track. I thought our focus was better. We had a lot of plays in the backfield, but we also had chances for a lot more we didn't make. We need to iron those things out and I think we'll be where we want to be. We are more of a team now and we aren't making near as many mistakes as we did in the first game. We are still in the process of learning but we seem to be grasping things OK. (On getting ready for the SEC) I've seen enough in my three years here to know we are much better than we have been in my career and we are good enough to contend in the SEC. We just have to stay focused, keep working hard and keep putting things together one step at a time, but the SEC is on us now, so it's time to tighten up and get it done.

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