Magnolia WR opens his recruitment back up's # 47 nationally rated wide receiver attended the MSU game on Saturday and left with some concerns.

"They just can't throw the ball," added Pat Patterson. "I had really decided around three weeks ago that I wanted to decommit (from MSU), but after going to the game Saturday, I came to a final decision. I am looking at some more schools now."

Which schools are now in the running?

"Mainly USM and Auburn."

What stands out about USM?

"USM is throwing the ball a whole lot. In the first game, they threw it 55 times and against Auburn, they threw it 50."

Although Auburn's offense has also had troubles throwing the ball, Patterson has been impressed.

"I just like how they compete. They compete at a championship level."

Anybody else still in the picture?

"Yes sir, Ole Miss is telling me that I have a chance to come in and start, and I see they are throwing the ball a lot too. I think I am going up there this weekend to see them play. I hear their QB is for real."

Is MSU still an option?

"Yes, they are still an option but so are some other schools too."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I want a good throwing offense that can provide me a good education. That is basically it."

Patterson has 10 catches for 208 yards and 4 TD's for the first two games of action. Noxubee County is now 2-0.

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