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Through three games, Rebel QB Jevan Snead has only been sacked one time. Not bad, not bad at all. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss sophomore Quarterback Jevan Snead couldn't ask for much more when it comes to pass protection.

He's only been sacked one time through a quarter of the 2008 season and it was for a paltry loss of just two yards.

His reaction to that positive stat was accompanied with a smile.

"I love it," said Snead. "I'm very fortunate to have an offensive line who protects me from both sides, the left and the right. Just knowing I will have time to throw makes my job a lot easier."

While the offensive line deserves a lot of the credit for the pass pro to this point, Coach Houston Nutt said there's more to it than that.

"The offensive line has done a good job in pass protection, but really it takes 11 guys," said Nutt. "The tight ends are invloved, the running backs have to pick up anyone who breaks free, the wide receivers have to read blitzes and react accordingly, and Jevan has to feel and evade pressure and get rid of the ball quickly.

"With only one sack this year so far, I'd say 11 guys are doing a pretty good job."

Snead said he's been prepared for the "feel and evade" part of defensive pressure on the QB.

"It's something I have worked hard on since high school. We do escape drills and sliding up in the pocket drills. It's like anything else - the more you work it, the more comfortable you are in those situations on Saturday," he explained.

As he expressed in the postgame press conference after the Samford game, Snead was not pleased with his performance in that outing.

"As I said, my mechanics were bad. I had poor footwork and I was falling out of my throws. I wasn't following through, for some reason," Jevan added.

At the start of the year, there was some concern about the OL having a new center, Daverin Geralds. Snead said Geralds' play has not been an issue. In fact, the junior snapper has been a plus.

"We worked hard last spring and all summer to get used to each other and I think he's doing an excellent job. There have been no issues with me getting the ball and he's done a nice job with his blocking," Snead said. "It's tough playing center, but he has adjusted well and gets better every game."

Jevan knows the Rebels are going to have to play better than they did against Samford to come out on top against Vandy.

"We will have to work hard and prepare in practice and then we will have to execute much better than we did last Saturday in the game," he noted. "We weren't very sharp last week and that was disappointing, but a lot of that was on my shoulders and I will get what I was doing wrong corrected."

Snead understands the importance of the game against the Commodores.

"You always want to get started on the right foot in the conference. Being 1-0 in the SEC would be a huge confidence boost and keeps you in the running for everything," said Snead. "That will be our goal all week in practice."

Vanderbilt is one of the leaders in the SEC in QB sacks. Ole Miss is one of the leaders in not allowing sacks.

That game within the game will be interesting to watch.

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