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The players were as shellshocked as the fans and coaches were after the 23-17 loss to Vanderbilt Saturday night. Read their comments inside.

The following are comments by some of the players after the 23-17 loss to Vandy last Saturday.

QB Jevan Snead: (On the night) It was a bad night and I am extremely disappointed. I'm not making good decisions and I am not throwing under control. I have a lot to work on. I worked my tail off in practice to try to get better. I did everything I could get better, but it didn't pan out. I don't know. This is the second time we have felt like this - so close, only to come up short - and it's frustrating and it hurts. I hurt my team tonight. I put our offense in bad situations and I put our defense in bad situations. They deserved better from me. We're all disappointed, but we'll keep working. (On Vandy's defense) They were a strong, smart team. They knew their assignments, but I made some bad decisions that helped them out and made them look good.

DE Greg Hardy: (On coming back after injury) I feel like I am part of the team again. It felt good to be out there helping the cause. The foot feels a lot better. I think I will be 100% for the Florida game. (On facing Florida) They are a great team, but we'll be going down there to win. We played hard tonight but we didn't get it done. We'll play hard next week and see if we can get it done. (On the defensive play) I think we are going to be a great defense before all is said and done. We showed a different level tonight and I think we have more levels we can reach. (On his play) I got 14 snaps, which is about what I was expecting. I had to get back in the flow of things. It felt good to get out there and move around. (On the locker room) It's tough in there. We had a great week of practice and the coaches had us ready to play. We just did not get it done for them.

SS Jamarca Sanford: (On the team's play) We played hard, real hard, but we didn't always play smart. We faced some adversity and didn't stare it down like we should have. We just need to stick together now and keep working and playing hard. That's where the seniors come in. We have to provide the leadership to turn this thing around in our favor. As seniors, we intend to do that. (On the improved defensive play) Everyone is doing their job now. Coach (Tyrone) Nix will always put you in the right position - just do your job. We still have a lot to improve on - we didn't play perfect, but we did get better and that's something we can build on. One thing that came through to me tonight is that when the twos were in there we were just as good at stopping Vandy. They played just like the starters and that will pay off down the line. I have confidence in everyone the coaches put out there because I know this whole team has bought in and believes and I know they are going to give all they have to get the job done. We are very together right now. We will not let this loss get us down.

WR Mike Wallace: (On his KOR for a TD) I got some great blocks and made a move around midfield cutting it back in. It was easy from there. It was 11 guys doing the right things and it all clicked. (On the offense) We didn't help our defense out the way we should have today, but it happens like that sometimes. They played great on that side of the ball and we shot ourselves in the foot too many times. (On the team) We just have to stay up. Winners don't let a loss get them down and that's what the seniors have to show the young guys.

CB Marshay Green: (On the game) You don't win in the SEC without all three phases of the team playing good. That's the reality of it. We didn't do that. We also did not finish the game defensively. We played real well for about 58 minutes, but we didn't stop them like we should have at the end to give our offense a chance to win it. (On Florida) We are due a mistake-free game. We are working hard, preparing hard, playing hard and the coaches are putting us in good positions to win, but we are making way too many mistakes. Turnovers, penalties, fumbles. We can't do that in this league. Everyone knows that. We have to channel everything we have into taking care of the ball. My punt fumble was all on me. That was a big play I should not have made.

DT Jerrell Powe: (On the defense) We were a little frustrated because they scored some points and were not doing anything against us offensively. We have to eliminate the gifts we give teams - hitting out of bounds, blocking in the back on returns, turnovers, missed tackles. We're better than that, way better, but we've been doing a lot of that in the last three games. We'll get it right, we just have to keep plugging. I thought the defense played well tonight because we are building a belief in each other that the guy next to you is going to do his job. We aren't trying to do more than we are capable of doing, just doing our own jobs, and then it all fits. (On his play) I've been working hard to get back and it's been a long haul, but I'm finally getting my pad level down and am seeing some results. It feels good to get out there and make some plays to help the team. I've been waiting on this a long time. (On the end result) Nobody remembers, or cares, if you play close. We have to start winning. It's pretty simple. We don't need to do anything differently, just quit giving teams gifts. If we go to Florida and play our style of football and eliminate mistakes we can play with them or anyone. They had a lot of unearned points and that leads to loses. That has to stop.

LT Michael Oher: (On the game) This one is tough, real tough. We just made too many mistakes. We have to fix that and get this thing turned around. We have to learn how to win. We have too much talent not to be winning. We have a lot of talent and we aren't putting it together like we should be. This one is on us, the players. The coaches are putting us where we need to be but we aren't executing up to our ability level. That's what makes you sick. If we weren't very good, that would be one thing and make losing a little more easy to swallow, but we have the talent and to lose like this tonight is just heartbreaking. The most important thing now is to continue to stay together and believe we can win. It would be easy to get divided right now because the defense did their part tonight, but we won't start pointing fingers. The seniors are on the same page. It's all about staying together, fixing our problems and nothing else right now.

WR Dexter McCluster: (On his late fumble) I was trying to score and probably should have gotten down at the one or two. I had the ball securely, but the defender made a great strip. Again, I should have gotten down in that much traffic, but I thought I could get in the end zone. It's tough to be that close and let your team down. (On the team) We have what it takes to win. We just have to learn how to win. We have to finish and learn to have a killer instinct. (On Jevan Snead) I am not worried about him. I have full confidence in Jevan. He's too good to let this keep him down. He didn't lose the game. We lost the game as a team. We all made enough mistakes for a season.

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