Snead Moving on From Vanderbilt

Jevan Snead threw four interceptions against Vanderbilt, and the sophomore QB is eager to redeem himself against Florida Saturday. Go inside for an update.

Considering it was a night where the offense fizzled and flopped, Jevan Snead didn't extend Saturday any longer than necessary. He simply wanted Sunday to hurry up and arrive.

So after visiting with immediate family for a while, Snead went home and searched for sleep. Self-analysis of the negative variety ran its course, and then preparation began for the next week.

After waking up Sunday, the counter-productive measures were complete. It was time to fix the flaws and focus on Florida.

"I beat myself up a little bit over that," Snead said about Saturday night. "Anytime you perform poorly, I expect so much from myself and that wasn't acceptable. I realized how much better I can play. That is what I will work towards."

Unacceptable was the performance against Vanderbilt, where the Rebels' sophomore quarterback tossed four interceptions and completed just 12-of-25 passes for 184 yards in a 23-17 setback to the now-No. 21 ‘Dores.

Recognizing opportunities remains one of the difficult parts of play for Snead. Though immensely talented, the Texas native is struggling at times with decisions.

"That is a part of it, trying to do too much," Snead said. "I need to learn when to call it a day, regarding the current play and when I need to throw it away, throw it out of bounds and not force it. It was decision-making. I made a bad read on the pick-six. I threw off my back foot. I did a bad job and tried to make things happen when there wasn't anything.

"Coach (Kent) Austin talked to me about getting rid of the ball and not turning a bad situation into a worse situation."

Houston Nutt is encouraged by the positive performances and thinks a great deal of improvement and consistency will come with experience. Although this is Snead's third year out of high school, it is his first season as a first-string signal caller.

"Jevan has to realize now that it is his fourth game, he's getting some things he's never seen before," Nutt said. "We can prepare him all week, and they'll put in a wrinkle, a little different blitz. They brought a free safety on first down. On first down. They've never done that. Free safety blitz. It's the speed of the game. He's going to get better and better and better. I know he is. I believe in him. It's just about going back out there and working a little hard and concentrating a little better.

"And expect some things, like those wrinkles and blitzes. They're going to try to put pressure on him. They know that if they give him time, he's going to hurt you. He's proven that. He's had to escape some problems and gave us a chance to win. As bad as he played, he did put us in a position to win the game. Coming out a blitz and getting us to the 6 (yard line) or wherever we were. I've got a lot of confidence in him. He's learning. He's growing. He's going to get better.

"I played quarterback. No quarterback goes out there ever with the intent of throwing an interception. Don't do it. They don't want to. We're in the best conference in America. Fastest athletes in America. So your mind has got to speed up, and he will."

Snead will get a chance to turn it around Saturday against the top-five Gators. On the season, Snead has thrown for 844 yards with six touchdowns and seven interceptions. Four of those TDs came against Wake Forest.

Ole Miss returned to practice Sunday to watch the previous night's game and to see first glimpses of Florida. Even with the frustrating loss, Snead remains optimistic about the season. There are positives to take from playing poorly and still being there at the end.

"I think Sunday was good. It is tough to watch film when you don't play well, to get it out of the way," Snead said. "Start the week with it in the past. Now we are just working on Florida.

"We definitely have a lot of things we can work on. Once again, we are that close to winning. We didn't play well. Once we get it rolling and play well, there's no telling how good we can do."

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