Rebs in top 2 for Sunshine DE

The 6' 5", 208 pound defensive end out of Tallahassee has gotten off to a quick start to his season.

"I had 12 tackles and 3 sacks against North Florida Christian last Friday," added Alex Williams. "We lost the game, but we are 2-1 on the season. I have 38 tackles and 7 sacks so far."

Those are some pretty lofty numbers in one of Florida's top divisions, but considering the Florida A&M High school product was second in sacks last year with 19 in the Leon Big Ben Conference, that should come as no surprise.

"My quickness and speed (reports a 4.62 forty) give me the edge. It is my ability to be like a small dude playing on the line. Two big guys go at it, but I can squeeze by a bigger defender, and I am able to use my long arms. My arms and speed are my two biggest attributes."

Alex believes the time he has spent in the film room also gives him an edge.

"The thing I improved on the most this year is my ability to recognize offenses before the snap. I prepare myself by spending hours every day watching film. It all depends on how they line up, but I know what is going to happen before the ball is even snapped."

Alex's older brother, TE Boo Williams, played at Arkansas and later went on to star in the NFL for the Saints. The staff that signed him at Arkansas, is now at Arkansas, so it should come as no surprise that the Hawgs and Rebels are at the top of Williams' list.

"I am getting calls from a lot of schools, but Arkansas and Ole Miss are recruiting me the heaviest. Those are the main two talking to me."

Has Williams set up any visits?

"No, I have been talking to my mom about that. We are trying to work out some time when she can go with me. She has to work, and of course, I have school. We are just trying to find a good weekend for both of us. I have been thinking about when I should go. I am considering going to Arkansas and Ole Miss. Those two are pretty much for sure, but I have not scheduled them."

Alex' brother, Boo, has given him some insight about the Ole Miss staff.

"My brother was coached by them at Arkansas, and he told me how his career went and what he liked about this and that coach. He just told me what I can expect from them. He told me about their personalities. Boo thinks I would get a long well with that staff, but he is not trying to sway my decision at all. He just tells me the pluses and minuses. He wants me to make my own decision."

Arkansas' head coach has also made an impact with Alex.

"Me and Coach Petrino talk right after I play every Friday. He wants to know how my game went and stuff like that. He is a pretty cool dude. They have a real young team, and they think I can contribute early. You can't ask for much more than that."

Does Alex talk to anymore coaches after his games?

"Yes sir, I talk to Coach Vaughn at Ole Miss too. He recruited Boo, so I have known him for a while."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"Number one, I want to go somewhere where they are going to look after me. I want them to have my back at all times. If I get hurt, I do not want someone to just forget about me. I need to make sure they are going to help me get my degree and be on top of things. I just want to feel at home, so I do not get home sick. Playing time is secondary to the education part. I know it will work where ever I go, as far as getting on the field. I believe in my abilities. I just worry about getting my education."

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