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Ole Miss Cornerback Cassius Vaughn knows what the Rebels are facing today in The Swamp. The "defending" Heisman Trophy winner and a whole lot more. Read about it inside.

When discussing the Florida Gators with the Ole Miss defensive players, the subject immediately turns to Gator Quarterback Tim Tebow.

Rebel Cornerback Cassius Vaughn was on the field when Tebow accounted for over 400 yards in total offense last year in Oxford in the Gators' narrow win.

"All respect to him. Tebow did what he had to do to get a win for his team last year," said Vaughn. "We'll go in the game with a positive attitude and our coaches will put us in a position to win, but nobody is under the illusion that our job will be easy. They have the best player in the country and he's got a fantastic supporting cast.

"You never expect a quarterback to be as powerful a runner as he is - it was an eye opener, he lived up to his hype. But now we've seen what he can do and we are prepared for it. It should be a great game."

Vaughn, however, understands Tebow is not a one-man team and other Gators will have to be defended with just as much intensity.

"We can't worry about Tebow as individuals. We all have jobs to do and we have to contain them all, not just him," Vaughn stated. "We can't focus on how good they are, we have to focus on taking care of our jobs.

"They have a lot of ability. So do we. Who executes best should win."

Cassius understands the danger in putting too much emphasis on stopping Tebow.

"Florida's other athletes are too good to take your eye off of in order to see where Tebow is all the time. On the back end of the defense, we have to take care of our man and trust that the front seven is taking care of containing Tebow," he explained. "We know he's going to make plays. We know Florida's other players are going to make plays.

"What we have to do is limit those plays and keep them out of the end zone. We have to limit their big plays and frustrate them."

Vaughn believes the defense is making some strides and finding a rhythm. He felt it in the Vanderbilt game.

"We are kicking ourselves about their last drive that led to a field goal. We should have stoned Vandy right then, but for the most part we played a great game and had a lot of confidence. You can build on that," he closed.

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