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The Rebel players were elated to finally finish a game in the right way and take a "big" win on the road against Florida in The Swamp. Read their comments inside.

The following are player quotes after the 31-30 victory over the Florida Gators in Gainesville Saturday. Ole Miss is now 3-2 overall and 1-1 in the SEC.

TB Brandon Bolden: (On the game) This one feels great. We are happy to win. Having been a part of two heart breakers, this one feels real good. We all just stayed focused and kept believing in each other and came out on top. We watched film of Florida and all came to the conclusion that Florida could be beaten and that we were the team that could beat them. We stuck together and prepared hard. We came out here and did what you have to do to win instead of doing what you do to lose. (On the Wild Rebel sets) We didn't expect to run it as much as we did, but it started working so the coaches kept calling it. I think it really helped our passing game as well because it got the Florida safeties to cheat up to stop the run. (On scoring 31 against the Gator defense) It surprised me a little we scored that many, but we knew we could score on them if we executed and took care of the ball. That was the whole key - don't beat ourselves. We now have proof that if you don't make mistakes, you win.

W Shay Hodge: (On his 86-yard TD reception) They were jumping on the out route and leaving the streak route open. I told Jevan they were cheating to the outside and to throw it deep one time and it was wide open. The corner cheated to the outside and the safety never got off the hash. Jevan threw a perfect pass to me in stride and all I had to do was not get caught. (On the Florida defense) Coach Nutt has been telling us all year if we believed we were a good team and would quit making so many mistakes that we could score on anyone. We listened to him and today was the result of that belief. Florida has a great defense, but we weren't playing them as much as we were trying to play the game without shooting ourselves in the foot. We have ability to score if we don't beat ourselves. (On the confidence level of the team) I think we are about to fly high, but we have to understand that we have to handle this win in the right way. We handled the losses in a way of staying together. Now we have to make sure we don't get bigheaded, but I don't think there is a lot of danger in that. We know what is facing us the rest of the year.

DE Kentrell Lockett: (On blocking the extra point that led to the win) The guard didn't step down far enough and there was a gap for me to step over and jump. There was a hole for me there. I almost blocked two other placements but I didn't get through in time. That time, I told myself if he stepped the same way I was going to get in there and block it. It all worked out. This is the first time I have ever blocked any kind of kick. (On the last defensive stand) We had a different feeling out there on that drive. It was the difference in just wanting it and believing it was going to happen. We believed we were going to stop them on fourth down and we did it. We knew they were going to Tebow on that play and all we had to do was get some push on the DL. We got it and stopped him cold.

QB Jevan Snead: (On the game) It was just a matter of eliminating turnovers from the previous games. A lot of them had been my fault through bad decision-making. Today, I made better decisions and didn't try to force anything. The offensive line did a great job, the backs made plays, the receivers made plays, the defense stepped up and our special teams were good. That spells a win. The coaches did a great job of getting us over the disappointment of last week and of running the game today. (On the win) I'm very excited to get a win in a place like this. I considered coming here, so it makes it that much sweeter. (On the throw to Hodge for a TD) The read was good and he was wide open. There was no reason not to hit him with that pass. (On handling the win) We still have a lot to do. We learned from the losses and now we have to handle some success and learn from the win as well.

WR Dexter McCluster: (On the win) It shows us if we set out minds to it we can beat anybody. We just have to believe and make it happen. Coach Nutt believes in us and we pulled together as a team and got the job done. (On halftime) We were frustrated because we were still making silly mistakes and we had talked about that all week. Coach Nutt came in and talked to us very intensely. I could see it in his eyes that he expected us to start playing the ball the way we know we are capable of playing and to win. We took his message to heart and pulled together. We kept playing hard and felt all along that we could win the game if we just stuck together and quit making those crazy mistakes. (On the Wild Rebel) I didn't know we were going to run it as much but at halftime Coach Nutt came to me and asked me if I was ready to run the Wild Rebel. I told him I could handle it, to put the load on me. I looked in his eyes and told him to give me the ball. The guys were blocking the formation well and there was no reason for it not to work. (On handling the win) It is just as important to handle this win as well as we did the losses - to keep looking forward, working hard and improving. We didn't play a perfect game today by any means. We still have not played our best ball. We should be proud of this, but when we get back to Oxford we have to protect the team. Don't do anything dumb. Keep our focus and start preparing for South Carolina tomorrow. We have to let this one go just like we let the losses go. (On being from Florida and winning in The Swamp) It was great. I had about 20 people in the stands and I know a lot of the players on the Florida sidelines. This is home and it feels great to win one here in the state where I was raised. I bet I have 1,000 text messages on my phone right now.

DT Peria Jerry: (On the win) This is one of the best moments of my life. I have been waiting on a win like this for a long time. I will never get to play in The Swamp again and to win here is something I'll always cherish. (On the last Florida drive) We never lost our confidence. We knew we were going to stop them and we stayed focused. We were focused the whole game. We said coming into the game that we were going to get three turnovers and that's what we did. The offense capitalized off the turnovers and that's how you win in this league. (On handling the win properly) Look, this league is tough every week. If you look back more than a day, it kills your focus on the next game. You have to be disciplined, win or lose, and focused on the next opponent. As a senior, that is the message I will have this week to the team. We cannot think about this game past tomorrow. South Carolina will come into our house and bust our bubble if we do. (On the 4th and 1 stop to seal the win) I told Ted (Laurent) 'power,power' and we hunkered down a little lower and got a good push up the middle. I think 11 guys stopped Tebow on that one. What a big play for us.

DE Greg Hardy: (On the win) We believed it from the start and throughout the game. The difference today is that we made it happen and finished. (On his game) I had 30 or so snaps and feel great about it. I have no pain in my foot. I feel like I could play another game right now.

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