Nearing a commitment?

Noxubee County was expected to be one of the 4A heavy weights this season after coming oh so close to winning it all last year in the championship game against Laurel.

"That one hurt pretty good," added Vincent Sanders. "I mean, it was right there. We could have won that game on the last drive, but we came up just a little short. We decided as a team in the offseason that we were not going to let that happen again."

So far, so good, for Vincent and the rest of his teammates.

"We have pretty much dominated everyone we have played so far, but we know it is going going to get tougher from here on out."

The 6' 2 1/2" 175 pound athlete has been focusing most of his playing time at free safety this season.

"I have not played too much offense. I am letting Pat Patterson get the balls (laugh). But on defense, I have three picks, and I took back one of them for a TD. I also returned a kickoff and a punt for a TD too."

The added playing time on defense has increased his skills at safety.

"One of my biggest strengths is when the QB is throwing the ball, I jump the route, and I go up and get the ball or deflect it. And if they want to run it or throw a quick screen, I make the big hit. I just love playing defense."

Vincent attended Ole Miss' second home game last Saturday and came close to making a commitment.

"I really enjoyed it. I am shocked we lost because we got a good lead in the first quarter. Vandy got back in the game because Ole Miss kept turning the ball over. I just like the atmosphere around there. I just feel at home up there. I feel like I fit in with their offense and defense. I was going to go ahead and commit if they won, but they didn't, so I am going to wait until they win before I do it. I want to tell the coaches when they are in a good mood."

Sanders is also being hotly pursued by MSU.

"I have also been to a couple of their games, and I spoke with Coach Croom. He told me that he wants me to be a part of his family over there. He has been writing me some, but I really do not talk to them much. My mind is pretty much made up."

Anybody else recruiting the All-State performer?

"I am getting letters from Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, FSU, and Stanford too, along with Ole Miss and MSU.

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