WR Eric Williams takes in FL/OM game

One of Ole Miss' key targets for the wide receiver position was able to get his first look at the Rebel's offense on Saturday against Florida. What were his thoughts?

"It was a pretty good game," added Eric Williams. "Ole Miss should have capitalized more than they did, but they came up with the win in the end. I was impressed with the way they threw the ball around. They utilize all of their talents out there."

What was Eric focusing on during the game?

"I wanted to take a look at Ole Miss' whole team. I wanted to look at more than their wide receivers. I wanted to know how their defensive backs played too, not just how they throw the ball. I wanted to know what kind of supporting cast they had."

Why would a receiver worry about the defensive backs?

"As a receiver, you always want to know what type of defense they have, what type of coverages they run. Not that they could not change their coverages, but their whole secondary is young. I know what they are bringing back next year. Now I know what to expect if I were to go there. I just wanted to know if their defense can make me a better player every day in practice."

What did Williams learn about the Rebel defense?

"They are a very physical team. They come and make plays at the corner position. You do not see many defenses who let their corners blitz and do the things that they do. They really rattled Tebow for the first time I have seen. They made some key stops."

What about the offense?

"They are very explosive. They use their playmakers, like (Michael) Wallace, (Dexter) McCluster, (Jevan) Snead, (Brandon) Bolden, (Cordera) Eason, (Shay) Hodge, all of them. They know how to use everybody. Some teams only focus on one or two players."

What impressed Eric the most?

"I have to say the offensive side of the ball. I like how they throw the ball around. They did not complete a lot of passes, but they threw it around to all of their playmakers. That is a big plus to know you will get your chances."

Has Eric spoken with the Ole Miss staff since the game?

"I talked to them right after the game was over. Coach Dickerson asked me if I could fill Dexter's (McCluster) shoes and do the things he do. I told him, yea, I could come in and do it. If you watch my film, it speaks for itself. I told him I can come right in and play like Dexter."

Did Ole Miss' showing help move them up Williams' pecking order?

"They were already up there, but I am not one that is going to move somebody up just because of a game. They are going to continue to be a real option for me, regardless of how they do in a game. I am just going to focus on my season, finish it up, and go take my visits from there. That is going to be the main thing, just how I feel while I am on my visit."

Any visits on tap?

"I was scheduled to go to Ole Miss this weekend, but Coach Dickerson wants me to come after the season because they moved the game up to 1:00 pm. I would get in too late. We have not set the date up yet, but it will be sometime after the season. As for the other schools, I want to see who all is going to offer first before I decide."

Which schools have offered up to this point?

"Ole Miss, Purdue, South Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, UAB, MTSU, and Marshall."

Has the Gator staff been in contact with Eric?

"I spoke with Coach Gonzalus. He said they were in the middle of evaluating my film, and he is suppose to get back to me."

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