Momentum carries into HC weekend

How folks around here have enough energy and drive to put on Homecoming week after last week is almost a mystery. But it's because of last week that they can.

Houston Nutt is meeting today at the Union with students. Talking to them, visiting with them, taking time out of his schedule to do something else important - bond with those enrolled for college at The University of Mississippi.

This should be a lot more fun that it would have been had the Rebels lost to Florida. This has been one of those special weeks around Oxford and on campus. The smiles say it all.

Lots of folks all over the place have been scrambling for and looking for those Sports Illustrated's with Greg Hardy taking care of Tim Tebow. Just a little something else to add to that "to-do" list this week.

While I was out looking for my own SI yesterday, I found an Athlon's hoops preseason mag. The Rebels are picked third in the West. Alabama and LSU are ahead of Ole Miss.

That tells me this. The Rebels have a shot to win the West, and some folks out there know it.

A lot of it depends on the front court. With Beard and JP and DC gone, those are some big shoes to fill, literally.

But the staff has already been working to do just that, and how soon the front line develops into a force will go a long way in determining how far the Rebels go.

Athlon's said they'll go far and get to the NCAA Tournament. They said one and done, and that won't be pleasant if it turns out that way.

But after not having been to the Dance for seven years, it's better than the alternative.

So we'll see how it all unfolds, and it's actually already begun unfolding with offseason conditioning and workouts. Official practice is right around the corner, though. Two weeks from tomorrow.

If you haven't gotten your season tickets, there are still plenty left. This program is heading up, and it needs full houses. You know AK wants it for his program.

The BPF is coming along but there's still not much out of the ground over there yet. Take a look if you're coming in for homecoming. For my money, it's a victory that they've started the thing after years of talk. By this time next year it should be quite a place for Rebel and Lady Reb hoops to call home on a daily basis.

I was at the baseball stadium yesterday. You can finally get back into that area this week after being blocked out for a few days for the Debate activities.

It's coming along, but there is no way for my eyes to predict that it will be a finished product by mid-February.

My guess is the Rebels will play at Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field right on time. And there may even be some seats for you to sit in to watch those first few games.

In a way, just kidding there, because I do feel the chairbacks will be in place by then. But I have seen a stadium that wasn't completed host an NCAA Regional.

When the Rebs were at the Regional at Texas A&M in 1999, we drove up to Baylor, which was also hosting. Their tourney was over, but the fans had been sitting on concrete with no seats. The press box was a temporary structure, and the concessions/restrooms were not completely finished.

But the NCAA awarded Baylor a Regional anyway. So come mid-February, I'm sure it will be "play ball" at Swayze, in some way, shape or form.

This weekend the Rebels will intrasquad Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, as well as Monday afternoon, all at Oxford High School on Bramlett Blvd.

Scott Bittle may pitch at some point. If so, we'll catch up with him and see how things went.

As for now, it's homecoming and Spurrier and the Gamecocks are coming to town.

And nobody appears fatigued or sluggish around these parts, even after the week that was last week.

Momentum can be a wonderful thing, huh.

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