Rebels host Magnolia offensive lineman

Head coach Shannon Watts from North Forrest believes his star offensive lineman has what it takes to make it on the next level.

"Andrew Phillips is just a real aggressive kid," added Watts. "You see a lot of big guys take plays off when they get tired on this level, but he never takes a play off, I mean never. He plays extremely hard no matter the score. He is 6' 3", 305 and has a good feel for the game and is very smart. Andrew has already scored a 26 on the ACT, if that gives you any indication of his intelligence level."

As good of a young man Andrew is on the field, he is just as good of a person off the field.

"He is just a fine kid, just a good Christian kid. Andrew is the leader of our school. He is a model student who has been raised right. He is one of those rare old school players who gets fired up about Friday night. He is a throw back player that plays at an extremely high level."

Andrew believes his strengths on the field lie in pull blocking.

"I guess I am really good at pulling," stated Andrew. "I am pretty quick off of my feet. I am good at pass blocking too. It is not that difficult for me. My strength is my power in my legs. A lot of people say that for a big guy, I have good bend in my legs. I come off low on the ball because of my bend. A lot of coaches, like Coach Markuson at Ole Miss, say that is what they are looking for."

Phillips actually had a chance to take in Ole Miss' homecoming this past Saturday.

"I just got back in from their game yesterday. Coach Dickerson, the guy who recruits my area, has been calling me every week. It seems to me that Coach Markuson is pretty warm to me. He came up to me during the warm ups and gave me a high five and we talked for a while after the game. Then I had somebody come up from behind, and give me a big ole bear hug, and it was Coach Dickerson. That made me feel good. I am liking Ole Miss a lot right now."

Andrew is no stranger to the Ole Miss staff as he attended their senior camp in late July.

"I went to their camp this summer and ran my best 40 time at a 5.3. I actually went to Ole Miss, MSU, USM, and South Carolina's camps, but I think I did best at the Ole Miss camp."

What has Phillips and Coach Dickerson been discussing over the phone for the past month and change?

"The main thing I mention to him is that this year I play guard, center, and tackle. Coach Dickerson told me that Coach Markuson likes a guy who has experience and the ability to play all three positions. He thinks your best athletes can play all three positions. That is what we pretty much talk about. Coach Dickerson said they really like me and that they plan to come see me play (this Friday)."

Has the North Forrest product had a chance to take in anymore visits this Fall?

"I have been to some USM games because it is just down the road, but the pregame is so much faster in the SEC. Coach Markuson is going ninety to nothing. In the stands, they are doing that Hotty Toddy and getting all fired up. It is just great. There is something about it. It just has me."

Who else is heavily involved in Andrew's recruitment?

"I got a call from Memphis last week, but S' East LA and USM are the only two other programs who are coming after me hard, outside of Ole Miss. Coach Capp (from USM) said he just needs some more game tape on me, but they are coming after me pretty hard."

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