Phillips continues to take in Ole Miss games

One of the regulars at the Ole Miss home games has been Lafayette County star and MSU commit, Montez Phillips.

"Yea, I have been to all of their home games so far," added Montez Phillips. "They are playing good. I like how they run the Wild Rebel because that is what I do here. That is pretty cool, and they throw the ball a lot too."

Coach Nix at Ole Miss had a chance to get up with the 6' 2", 200 pound athlete after their game against South Carolina Saturday.

"He just said that he heard I had a good game Friday. I told him what all I did in the game."

Montez committed to Mississippi State this summer to take some of the pressure off of his shoulders.

"The local pressure is not that bad anymore. Some people still talk about it, but I do not listen anymore. That is why I committed during the summer so I wouldn't get a lot of that. I only get it when I am at the Ole Miss games (laugh). It is all in fun though."

Where does Phillips stand with his MSU commitment?

"I am still solid with MSU. I am really not thinking about all of that stuff until after my season is over. MSU and Ole Miss are still calling me every week, but like I said, I am just staying with where I am at for now. I want to concentrate on my last year here before I get back to that stuff."

What are MSU's main selling points right now?

"They want me to come in and play in my first year and be a big part of their offense at receiver."

And Ole Miss?

"I like them because they do not talk about the recruiting process. They ask me about my season and about the Wild Rebel because that is what we do."

How is Montez's senior season going?

"We are 4-2. It is going alright. At the beginning it was slow because we played two tough teams in Madison Central and Shannon. I figured that could happen, but we have played really well since then."

How has Phillips improved?

"I matured a lot this summer, and this season that has carried over. I have a lot better work ethic, and I have gotten way better at being a team leader."

The Commodore QB is also getting in some playing time at cornerback.

"I played corner against Madison Central, Shannon, and Hernando because our starter was hurt. But I have played it before, so it is nothing new for me."

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