Rebels heating up with 4 Star RB's #19 rated running back missed the first part of the season due to a hyper-extended knee, but the Dutchtown star is back on the field.

"I sprained my MCL and hyper-extended my knee on a swing pass during a scrimmage right before the season started," added Eddie Lacy. "I caught a screen pass and got hit in the knee and it bent backward. I got back the week before last and got a few carries. I am going to start playing the whole game from here on out."

The 5' 11", 215 pound back has speed and power.

"I would say that I am back who brings both speed and power to the table. I also have great vision. I can make you miss, run by you, or run over you. It all depends on what the situation ask for."

Lacy's grades have made some college recruiters shy away but not everyone.

"I am still getting calls from Southern Miss, Alabama, Florida State, LSU, and Ole Miss just started calling me recently."

When asked to name a favorite, three came to mind.

"They are pretty much the schools who are calling, Auburn, Tennessee, and Alabama."

Which coaches has Lacy developed a relationship with?

"I talk to coach Burns (Alabama), Fisher (FSU), Frank (USM), Coleman (LSU), and Dameron (Ole Miss)."

What stands out about Alabama?

"This year, they are running the ball real good. Even though they are real young, they put up a lot of points. Their defense helps out a lot. They have a real young group."


"The first game I saw them play was against Wake Forest, and they were kind of struggling. I do not know what to say to that."


"I have never seen them play, but Coach Frank has known me since I was 6 years old. He comes from the hood like me. We talk about all of the old times. He is the new RB coach at USM. I just have that comfort level with him."


"They have a good defense (laugh), and they run the ball really good. But what I really like is that they split their carries so everyone gets their touches. They do not focus on just one back."

Ole Miss?

"I watched them against Florida and their offense looks fun to play in. They spread the ball around. This is really my first year to watch college football. I never watched it before I started getting recruited, but this year I am going to watch a lot to see where I best fit."

What will Lacy look for when it comes decision time?

"I want to see who is the running back that is head of me. Are they fixing to graduate? Am I going to get some playing time? What type of formations do they run, the I or spread? I like the I formation, but I know in college you just can not line up in the I and win championships."

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