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Ole Miss Quarterback Jevan Snead has already faced some very good defenses this season, but Alabama's may be the total package of power and speed. Read his thoughts inside.

Ole Miss sophomore Quarterback Jevan Snead, through no fault of his, sounded like a broken record when he discussed the Alabama defense.

Just like he has said four of the past six games, Bama's defense is "big, strong, fast and aggressive."

So what else is new? Ditto on Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Florida and South Carolina's defenses.

But with each of those, there were some flaws that could be exploited. Bama's defense has not shown many weaknesses.

They are only giving up 50 yards per game on the ground and 211 in the air.

"They have a great defense. They are well-coached and very physical," said Snead. "Speed, size - they have it all. We'll have to work hard to prepare for them and play well to win."

Bama's personnel probably has the best combination of size and speed the Rebels have faced, but they also add another test - a different scheme. the Tide employs a base 3-4 while most in the SEC run a standard 4-3.

"It's different, but if we know our hot reads and who we are responsible for, we can sort it out. We've been working on it - seeing who's coming and reacting to it," Jevan noted. "I have faced a 3-4 some, but not a lot. We just have to prepare for it and take care of our assignments."

Snead believes the Rebs must get something going in the run game to create some balance in the Rebel attack against the Tide.

"It's very important that we are able to run the ball, but that is the case every game. If you can establish the run, it will help our passing game and vice-versa," he continued.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban is known for a variety of blitz packages in his scheme, but on film this year they have not been real "fancy" with their defensive calls.

"From what I have seen, they just line up and play football. They have the athletes to do it so they don't have to throw a lot of frills at you," he added.

Jevan was glad to have the open week and a couple of days off.

During his time off, he got a Weimaraner puppy, who he named Cooper, and relaxed watching football.

"It's good to have a couple of days off and get some rest. It's good to get a break from football sometimes to clear your mind, but it was also good last week to work on getting better and getting an early look at Alabama," he explained. "I was just like everyone else on a weekend - watching college football and enjoying it."

Snead expects the Rebels to be ready for the challenge.

"I expect this to be like the Florida week. We practiced hard and got ourselves ready to play and we played with a lot of intensity," he said. "I expect us to do the same this week against Alabama.

"We'll have to play very good against them, but that is the case every week in the SEC. That's nothing new for us or anyone in this league."

At Monday's press conference, Coach Houston Nutt said the Rebels did not have the necessary intensity throughout for the South Carolina game. Snead said he felt that a little too.

"It was just different from the Florida game. There was just a different energy level that week when we were preparing for Florida and that's the energy level we have to have all week in getting ready for Alabama," he ended. "We had it last week in the open week and we had it Sunday. We just have to carry it throughout the week and hit the field Saturday with that kind of energy. I think we will."

Snead and everyone on the team knows a higher level of everything is what it will take to knock off the Tide at their place.

He's looking forward to the challenge.

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