Rebels scout OT James Carpenter

The 6' 5", 305 pound offensive tackle out of Coffeeville CC had two scouts come by his game and practice this past week.

"Coach Markuson (Ole Miss) came to my school and game on Thursday, and Coach Pendrick (Alabama) came by my practice on Monday. Those are the only two colleges that have come to see me play this Fall that I know about."

What did Coach Markuson say to James about his evaluation?

"I did not get to talk to him at the game or school because they can not talk to us, but he called me Friday and told me that he liked the way I bent my knees, and he wants me to come in and take my visit. They offered me a while back, so he just wanted to get that visit set up."

Was an official visit scheduled?

"Yes sir, I am going over there November 26-28."

And what did Coach Pendrick say for Alabama?

"He gave me his card and told me to call him when I get back in from my Iowa State visit this weekend."

When did Alabama get involved?

"They called me the week before, and then they showed up at my practice on Monday. It all happened pretty quickly."

Where does Ole Miss stand with James?

"They are high on my list, but they have been high on my list for a while. I like Coach Markuson. They play in the best conference in the country, and it is close to home (Augusta, GA). I like that, the fact that they are close to home."

Who else is still heavily involved?

"Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and South Carolina., I do not get too many calls because my coaches want me to take my visits first before I do all of that because Iowa State put me here."

What is going on with Iowa State?

"They are still up there. I never took my visit there out of high school because they did not start recruiting me until the week of signing day. I did not know anything about them, so I want to go over there and meet their coaches and check it out."

Is the same staff in place at Iowa State that inked him out of high school?

"Yes sir."

South Carolina had not offered James the last time we interviewed him in September; has any change with that status?

"No, they want to get some film on me from this year's games. They are getting it on Wednesday and are suppose to make a decision. They still call me weekly like Ole Miss, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State. I went over there on an unofficial visit this summer, so I am pretty familiar with it. I think with in the next week or so I will know exactly where I stand with South Carolina."

What is Oklahoma State saying?

"We are just talking right now. They been offered, so we are just talking about setting up my visit. I will definitely go back over there too. I went over there for an unofficial visit this summer and loved it. They are up there too with Iowa State and Ole Miss."

James received another BCS offer this month.

"Kansas offered me a couple weeks back. I have them, Iowa State, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, FIU, and UAB so far. I think something good might happen with South Carolina this week too. I will know more about that when we talk next."

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