Auburn commit having second thoughts

South Panola is carrying the nation's longest winning streak (82) into tonight's contest against Tupelo.

"We are excited about playing another Top 10 team," added David Conner. Right now we are 7-0 and everybody is trying to get things down for Tupelo. We have to get our secondary prepared for those guys. They have a great QB (Chris Garrett) and some really good receivers (Chad Bumphis, Justin Bean, Garian Heard). We have to make sure that our secondary knows that if they make a mistake, we got their backs. They have to keep their heads up, and things will go our way, if we do that."

David is beginning to feel the stress of trying to keep Mississippi's most prized streak alive.

"I am mostly playing will linebacker and a little strong safety. I have been doing ok, but not like my junior year. I might have the stats that I did last year, but I just went out there last year and hit 'em and did not think about it. This year, there is a lot of pressure because of the (college) scouts and this being my senior year. I am one of the leaders on this team, and I have a lot of things to think about. Last year, I just went out and played. I did not have all of this stuff on my mind."

And what is weighing on the Dandy Dozen's mind?

"Just the whole title we have and these picks about the next level. I do not want to let our state down and lose that winning streak. Everywhere we go, everyone tells us how proud they are, but they give us that look like you better not mess it up. I take a lot of pride in my state, and I do not want to be the class that let (the 82 game winning streak) go. And now I am real confused on where I want to go to college. I just do not know where I am going anymore."

Where does Auburn now stand?

"I thought Auburn was the place for me, but playing at South Panola, we are not use to losing. Auburn is on a little losing streak, and I do not know, I was thinking about staying closer to home. But mainly, I just want to win."

Who are the other schools that David is taking a look at?

"Mainly USM and Ole Miss. Coach Nutt came over to our school last Friday, and he talked to me about the Apopka (FL) game. He said I did some outstanding things and that he believed in me. That is what I want, for someone to believe in me. I took that as a good compliment. He inspired me, and I thought about it that night, and he really has me thinking about coming to Ole Miss and carrying the South Panola tradition they have over there."

Any college games on tap?

"I am definitely going over to Ole Miss to see them play Auburn. That is going to give me a good view on the direction each team is headed in. Coach (Tony) Hughes from Southern Miss is trying to get me to come down to a game of theirs. He writes me a lot of hand written letters telling me to keep my options open, be a team leader, keep my books up, and then he wants to see me in the Black and Gold. I want to try and get down there for a game."

USM also brings a couple more positives to the table for Conner.

"A lot of people ask me if I really want to go to a Conference USA school, being from South Panola and all. But I really do not look down on USM. They are a great school and have a great academic program. It is not all about being a mid-level school. I just love their coaches. When I went down there to their camp, they made me feel like a part of their family. They showed me a good time."

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