Memphis commit on display

The 6' 1", 235 pound just-turned-tight end out of South Panola helped the Tigers extend their winning streak to 81 games with their victory over Mississippi's #2 ranked team, Olive Branch.

"It was a big win for us," added Reuben Corley. "We had to take it over. We had a big lead (21-0), but we knew they were going to battle back. We had to come in the game and show them. They have been mouthing us a while so we wanted to show them how hard we work."

South Panola has had the state's toughest schedule and the Tigers have come out of it unblemished. Does the senior class feel any validation from their performances?

"I feel like we got a lot more left. Them guys ahead of us, Tig and Bud Barksdale and those guys, thought we did not have what it took to do what they did. But it gave us motivation to prove them wrong. Now we have the younger guys like RB Nick Parker and DE Devin Clark doing their thing. Parker has been playing hard. We have one more big game coming up against Tupelo tonight, then the playoffs start."

Was keeping the winning streak alive the main focus or just winning the state championship?

"Both are very important because John and Peria Jerry and those guys started the streak back in '03 and it is up to us to keep it going. We are not as big as those guys, but we are talented and work hard. We have a blue collar group this year."

Does Corley still feel solid with his Memphis commitment?

"Yes sir. I think I can go in and turn that program around with their offense. They want me to be that physical guy. But USM is also showing me a lot of love. They want me to come down there for a visit. I am going to try and take my visit down there soon."

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