Rebs still in mix for Oklahoma athlete

It should come as no surprise that Tulsa Union's Terrell Williams is one of the more hotly contested recruits in the state of Oklahoma.

The 6' 4, 220 pound strong safety had over 1, 500 yards of offense at quarterback with over a 100 tackles/12 sacks as a junior for Tulsa Edison, which is a traditionally poor football program.

Terrell decided to transfer back to Tulsa Union to finish out his playing career. Williams played for Tulsa Union up until his sophomore season.

This offseason, Williams took in some of the country's top combines, which included the Scout Elite Combine and Army All-American combine. Offers starting coming in shortly after the Army All-American combine. Tulsa and Ole Miss were the first schools to throw their name into the hat, as they offered Williams in February. After taking in the Elite Combine in March, Stanford and Arkansas offered. Those offers were followed by N' Western and Kansas State in April. Oregon State, Nebraska, Wyoming and New Mexico followed up with offers during the May evaluation period. This summer Rutgers, Rice, Oklahoma State, and TCU pitched their scholarship sale. Tennessee is the latest school to offer.

"Coach Caldwell sent me a written scholarship offer," added Terrell Williams. "I had been waiting on that one because they had been recruiting me pretty hard. It was exciting getting another SEC offer."

Williams was thrilled to get back to his home roots at Tulsa Union.

"I am playing strong safety. It has been great to be back. I am back with a lot of my great friends like RB Jeremy Smith, WR/CB Anthony Foster, WR Tracy Moore, and CB Howard Scarborough. Those are my best friends. The season is going great. We are 7-1 now. We lost to Broken Arrow in our season opener, but we beat ourselves that game. We have been killing our opponents ever since then. We are winning by an average of 40 points a game. We have three more games until the playoffs start."

Terrell has been concentrating on defense this season?

"You do not go both ways over here because we have so many great players. I am doing great at free safety. I have over 80 tackles and 11 sacks right now. It is weird just playing defense, because I grew up playing quarterback, but I am getting use to it. Just focusing on defense has helped me get more physical. My knowledge of the position is so much better now, and that just makes it that much easier."

Where do most colleges project Terrell to play on the next level?

"Mostly wide receiver and safety. I have grown in the offseason. I am up to 6' 4", 220 now. I am getting pretty big (laugh). I hit another growth spurt. I really do not know where I am going to play in college, but if I stay on defense, it will most likely be safety."

Who are the main schools involved at the present time and which position are they recruiting Terrell to play?

"Tennessee likes me at safety. Ole Miss likes me at wide receiver. Kansas State said I could go either way. Oklahoma State likes me at safety. Stanford likes me as an athlete. They said they are just going to move me around and see which position is best for me. Tulsa likes me as an athlete too, and Nebraska likes me at wide receiver. Those are pretty much the main schools involved right now."

Who else is still showing interest?

"Oregon State, Kansas State, and Arkansas. All of those schools have offered me."

Any official visits set?

"No sir, I have been talking to the coaches trying to find out a good time. I am going to have to wait until after the season is over. I am trying to stay focused on winning a state championship right now. I want to lead us to a deep run this year. I have never made the playoffs in my career because Eddison did not have that great of a program. This will be my first time, so I am going to give it my all."

When it does come visit time; which schools does Terrell want to check out?

"I have not decided yet. I am definitely going out to Tennessee to see them. I want to check out Ole Miss. Anthony Foster is going to come with me to Ole Miss. I want to check out Stanford too. Those schools are so far away. I have seen the schools in my area so I doubt I will take my officials to schools like Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. My official visits will go to the schools who are far away."

What stands out about Tennessee?

"First of all, they are known for winning championships. The number one thing is just their name, Tennessee. Coach Caldwell is a great guy too. We talk a lot, once a week. It is just the tradition and playing in the SEC."

And Ole Miss?

"They have Coach Nutt now. He is trying to rebuild that program and get it to where it use to be. Coach Dickerson is a cool cat too. We talk twice a week. He is a big draw, and they also have a lot of tradition. Another plus for them is that I would have a chance to help them as soon as I get there."

What about Stanford?

"It is in California, and I have never been to California. Plus it is just a prestigious academic school and education is big with my family. Their football program is kind of on the rise also. Coach Harbrough played in the NFL before so he knows what it takes to get there."

Although Terrell is high on the out of state programs, the instate schools have not been forgotten.

"They are all kind of recruiting me evenly. I hear from the out of state schools a lot, but more instate. Tulsa just got ranked #1 in total offense. Oklahoma State is undefeated, and Oklahoma is always up there. The schools around here have a lot going for themselves too."

Are there any colleges out there that Terrell would like to see increase their recruitment?

"I have been looking at Illinois and Louisville. I am looking into those schools. I get an email from them every now and then. The head coach at Louisville use to coach at Tulsa, so he has seen me play a couple of times. And hopefully after the season, I will get with those guys a little more."

When it does come decision time; two factors will be weighed in the heaviest.

"I want to go where I feel I can help the team out the most and where I can get on the field the quickest."

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