From the Locker Room

The Rebels are confident moving forward after the win over Arkansas in Fayetteville. Read their postgame comments inside.

QB: Jevan Snead: (On the importance of the game for Coach Nutt) We all knew it was a big game and very important to him. When you love somebody you don't want to let them down, and that was the case tonight. We played for him as well as the rest of the staff that was here. Everybody knows what it means to him. He said they would come out hard, and they did. (On hitting Mike Wallace down the sidelines late) It was a big play that we need. Fortunately I was able to get it to him that time. A lot of times it was open, and I missed. But that one was big. He was open, and he is a heck of a player. The great players around me made it possible. It was the same play before the penalty too. We stuck with it. (On offensive philosophy tonight) We ran the ball more, and part of it was because I was inconsistent. I wasn't making the plays, and the line and backs did well. They all blocked really hard and did a great job. (On the boos during pregame) I love that. I love being in a place where they don't like you. It got us excited. It is a great feeling when you go in a hostile environment.

DB: Fon Ingram: (On his interception) I have to give credit to the line. They got pressure when he made the throw. It was good coverage by Temple, and I saw it the whole way. The receiver tipped it, and it went right to me. Caught it off the tip and took off. (On the d-line) They are great, awesome. They have a good work ethic, bringing energy. Can't say it enough. (On the time remaining during the interception) I wasn't looking at it, but I knew I needed to hurry up and get down. Of course I am going to try to score, but I was just glad we got the points. It would have been terrible to have messed up and let the clock run out.

RB: Cordera Eason: (On offensive gameplan) We were just trying to move the ball and follow the hot hand whoever that was at the moment. Mix it up with me and Dex and hit a few deep balls. It was sluggish at times, but we hit a groove. Keep them off-balance. (On holding on to the ball) Coach emphasizes ball control. We knew we had a lead and were going to run the ball. Coaches said they were going to try to strip it, and I was conscious of that. Keep my hands on it and get down. (On the second-half rhythm running) It was the best series of the year. It felt great. We pounded it all week and now we have to keep it rolling.

DT Peria Jerry: (On his game) Felt like I could dominate a little bit, but I could have played the cut blocks better than I did. I had a pretty good game though. (On his ability to take over) It isn't about doing what I want. It is about the scheme and doing what is best for the team. We play a one-gap defense, and I feel that I can hold my gap. I can own my gap. (On his week of practice) You have to have a lot of energy. My high school coach said you practice like you play, and that is what you try to do. I have to remind people. Take care of business in practice.

K Josh Shene: (On that last field goal) It was what I have been waiting for, to ice the game. I came through on the opportunity to help my team out. It was awesome. (On emotions) When I go out there, I don't feel anything, but after it goes through, it is a weight off me. The sideline was excited, and it helped us win. Can't describe the feeling. (On winning for Coach Nutt) It is a great change for us. I love Coach Nutt. To have the emotion and to come out with the victory, it will hopefully springboard us for the rest of the year. We had to get this one for him. (On the first field goal) It was a big deal for me after they missed a field goal. Coming out and getting the three early points, it was nice to get off to a good start.

C Daverin Geralds: (On the Offensive Line play) We played with great pad level against Arkansas. I really felt like we, as an OL unit, turned the corner tonight. We were able to establish the running game and did a pretty good job protecting Jevan (Snead) most of the night. It was important to get the running game going early. (On Mike Markuson's approach this week) For the most part, he was emotional, but our preparations were the same. The coaches did a good job getting us ready, but they were more emotional all week, even though they tried to hide it from us. We knew.

WR Dexter McCluster: (On playing some straight tailback) The coaches had faith in me to do it and I just tried to get through the holes the OL was giving me. This was a very emotional game. He didn't say it, but Coach Nutt wanted us to go to war for him and we did. I will go to war for that man anytime. He wanted this game and we gave it to him. (On the locker room celebration) Man, it was great. Water was flying and everyone was feeling great. It's what a game like this is all about. This was a tough game and we knew it would be. Arkansas put it all on the line and we did too. We just had a little more than they did tonight, but my hat is off to them. (On Arky TB Michael Smith) I think we both made a statement for the little guys in college football tonight. He will hit it up in there and get yardage and I will too. He's a great player. I respect him a lot. (On holding on to the ball) I worked with the RBs all week working on being ball conscious and it paid off. I'm not letting it go again if I can humanly help it. I was covering it up tonight like it was my last dollar.

DE Marcus Tillman: (On the DL's game) We were motivated for Coach Nutt and to take the challenge of going into someone else's house and getting a win. We played real well except the last five or six minutes, but it was our fault. We didn't make plays the last five or six minutes. It was strange – just make a play and it's over. It was never in my mind that it was over until it was, but it was kind of crazy out there when we couldn't get it done until the very last snap after playing so well for more than three quarters. (On Michael Smith) He's one of the best backs we have seen – fast and explosive. (On the next game) We are looking to build off this win, like we have every week. Every week is a big challenge, but it helps getting the win tonight.

WR Mike Wallace: (On his first receiving TD) Man, I was wondering if it would ever come, but it finally did. Maybe that will start a trend. Jevan missed me a couple of times early. He told me he was real excited, but I told him to calm down and he finally did. We connected on a couple of longer plays and then the TD. They were in man coverage on the TD and that's not something that is going to work on me. I killed the guy. I ran a good route and I was wide open. Coach Dickerson told me I was going to have a big week and he was right. (On losing the ball on the Arky onside kick) Shay tried to take the ball from me and it came loose. We just didn't communicate and it got jarred loose, but we won the game and that's what counts. I'm real happy for our coaches.

OL Coach Mike Markuson: (On the week) It was very emotional, no doubt. When you spend 10 years somewhere, it's tough to come back after leaving under questionable circumstances. But it's over and I'm real happy for our kids. We performed and won a close game, which is a major step for our program. (On Arkansas) They are great kids over there – we recruited most of them and love them, but we wanted to win and we did. We knew coming in here it was going to a dogfight, and it was. I was very close to those OL on the other sideline and would do anything for them, and it was hard coming in here to play against those guys. It was awkward, but we had to come in here and get it done. I love my guys at Ole Miss and we wanted this one badly. (On using Bradley Sowell at TE) Kent Austin came in Monday and said what do you think about Brad playing TE with Traxler out? I didn't even think about it – a great idea by Kent. We got him in our 12 (2 TE) package and he got 16-18 plays and did a great job. What a kickstart for his career. He's a guy we will play a lot next year and to see a big body with athleticism get in there and do well is a great start for him. We can build on that with him. He's been waiting to play and got his chance. (On Reid Neely for Darryl Harris at LG) He did great. I was very proud of him. Darryl couldn't play and it's great to have a guy like Neely to step in and do a job.

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