Rebs turn up the heat with Florida DE

The 6' 3 1/2", 230 pound defensive end out of Dr. Phillips High school is getting use to his new surroundings.

"I transferred over here from Silver Springs (Maryland) at the end of my junior season," added Victor Gray. "Things are going well. We have a good season going. We are 6-1 right now, and we have a big District game Friday."

What improvements has Victor seen his game?

"I think it was just getting use to my new environment. I am second on our team in tackles with 78, and I am first in takeaways with 3 int's and 2 forced fumbles. I have gotten some new offers in from Boston College, Colorado State, and Ole Miss. South Florida and Georgia Tech are recruiting pretty heavily too, and I still get a lot of calls from schools like Iowa State, Kansas State, and Central Florida."

When did Boston College start recruiting the Orlando native?

"I spoke with someone from B.C. when I was living in Maryland at the beginning of my junior season. I played in Maryland last year for my first 9 games and then I finished up my last three down here. I started talking to them a lot over the summer, and then they offered me a scholarship this fall."

What stands out about BC?

"They are suppose to be a great school. Their tuition is sky high. They have been bowling for the last 9 years so they have good program. They have a good overall package, both athletically and academically."

What are the Eagles telling Victor?

"They like the way I play, and they think I would be a good fit for their school. They want to know when I am going to commit, but I told them I am going to take my time and see who else offers and take some visits."

When did Ole Miss start recruiting Gray?

"In the Spring. When I moved down here, they started sending me a bunch of mail, and I have been consistently talking to them throughout the recruiting process."

What are the Rebel's positives?

"I hear it is a close knit campus, like any college town. They get a lot of support, but other than that, I do not know too much about Ole Miss."

What is Ole Miss telling Victor?

"They feel I can get down there and start playing my freshman year if I work hard, but nothing is guaranteed. They think I can help them with their pass rush. Pretty much all of the schools like me at DE, except South Florida likes me at DT. They said it just depends on how big I get."

Colorado State has set up an official visit with Gray on November 15th.

"That is the only official visit I have set up so far, but I am going to get to those pretty soon. I have talked to Boston College about setting one up too. We just have not set a date."

What stands out about Colorado State?

"I do not know too much about them, but I will learn all of that stuff when I go on my visit up there. They started talking to me when I moved down here in Florida. They are telling me the same thing as the other schools. They think I have a chance to play as a freshman."

Who is closest to offering next, Georgia Tech or South Florida?

"I would say Georgia Tech. The thing I like about Georgia Tech is that I am originally from Atlanta. I grew up watching them play. They have a great Technical school. If you want to be an Engineer, that is the place to go. They also send a lot of players to the league. They might not always be ranked high, but they are always good."

And South Florida?

"They have not been around too long, but they are getting better each year. They got up to #2 last year. I am not sure how good of an academic school South Florida is, but they have a good football team. They think I can be their next Jeff Soldy. He is suppose to be the first defensive end taken in this year's draft.

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