Gearing up for visits

The 6' 2", 210 pound record breaking receiver out of Noxubee County had a relatively quiet start this season but things have certainly picked up for the 2008 1st Team All-State Clarion Ledger selection.

"Yea, I guess you could say that things have picked up since we last spoke (October 2nd)," added a laughing Pat Patterson. "This past week against West Lauderdale, I had 5 catches for 96 yards and a TD. Against Kosciusko, I had 102 yards receiving and a TD on 2 catches, and I also had a 35 yard rushing TD. The week before that, I had 137 yards receiving and 2 TD's on 7 catches against Louisville. And against West Point, I had 4 catches for 102 yards and 2 TD's."

These type of numbers should not surprise anyone as the Army All-American selection had 58 catches for 1, 223 yards and 14 TD's last season despite missing almost three games.

"I just do what ever I can to help my team out. If they need for me to play defense and stop the offense; that is what I will do. If they need for me to make plays on offense, then I am all for it. We came up a game short last year. I was hurt in that game, and I am determined to be healthy and help us take it home this year."

The Tigers are off to a 8-0 start this year and nothing looks be in the way of an undefeated regular season.

"The only thing we care about is getting to Jackson and winning it this time."

There have been a couple of coaching staffs who have witnessed Patterson's success the last few weeks.

"Ole Miss came to see me play Louisville, and Alabama came and saw me play West Point."

It is no surprise that the Rebels and Tide are in weekly contact.

"Them two and Auburn and USM are the schools who are keeping in contact with me."

Pat has only been to one college game this Fall (MSU/AU game), but the next few weeks Patterson will be on the road to scout a few more.

"I am going to a game Saturday, the USM/UAB game. I am probably going to Alabama on the (November) 15th when they play MSU. And then I am going to go to the Egg Bowl at Ole Miss the day after Thanksgiving."

While the former Mississippi State commit has not had the opportunity to see his schools of interest up close; he has had a chance to view them on TV.

"I saw Ole Miss play Alabama on TV. They (OM) throw the ball around a lot. They have a real good QB too. He will be there the next two or three years. They throw the ball pretty good. And Alabama, they throw the ball around too. In the first half against Georgia, they threw it 20 times, I believe. I went to the Auburn/MSU game and they do a little bit of both. They throw and run it a lot. I also saw them play West Virginia on TV, and it is more like 50/50 with them. I saw the USM/Boise State game on TV and Southern runs the spread, like we do over here (at Noxubee County). They throw the ball a whole lot. They have been averaging 50 passes a game."

Will how much the team passes the ball be the overriding factor in Pat's decision?

"No, I will also look at my relationship with their coaches. But yea, I will look at what type of offense they run too."

Patterson reported that Ole Miss was coming after him the hardest the last time we interviewed him but a new school has taken that title.

"It is probably USM. They are telling me how I can come in and start as a true freshman and make an impact like DeAndre Brown."

What is Ole Miss telling the Dandy Dozen selection?

"They are still coming after me hard too. They are telling me that most of their WR's are leaving after this year, and I can come in there and step my game up, and maybe start."

What about Alabama?

"They are talking good to me. They are talking about lining me opposite of Julio Jones so we can create some mismatches. They will not be able to double team either one of us because the other one would always be open."

Auburn is still not out of the Patterson sweepstakes.

"They are telling me that I can come in and be a starter for their offense. That is what they have always said."

Patterson will be busy this week with another issue.

"I am suppose to set up my official visits this week. I am going to talk to my dad and my coach later this week and see if we can get them set up."

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