Can Ole Miss turn LSU commit?'s #15 rated SLB committed to LSU in April but that has not stopped the college recruiters from trying to change his mind.

"I still get a lot of calls," added Willie Ferrell. "I mean, a lot. Maryland, South Carolina, Michigan, LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, South Florida, East Carolina, and Memphis. A lot of people."

Who keeps in weekly contact?

"They all call every week, really. All of them."

Which coaches has the Florida A&M star become close with?

"Coach Vaughn from Ole Miss is my cousin, so I have known him the longest. And Coach Henson from LSU, he has been recruiting me a while. We have a good relationship too."

Ferrell elaborated on the two coaches.

"Coach Vaughn is real caring. He looks out for your best interest. He is real honest. The same for Coach Henson. Coach (Henson) is always keeping up with my grades and stuff."

What does Willie know about Ole Miss?

"I know they are not very deep at linebacker. That is all we pretty much talk about and our family. He comes from my father's side, so I am always keeping him in touch with what is going on with everybody from around here. He grew up in Tallahassee too."

Willie has not been to any LSU games, but he did get a chance to take in an unofficial visit during the Spring.

"I know a lot about LSU. I committed to them in April. I know the town, their defensive scheme, and what the atmosphere is like. They have a great atmosphere."

The 6' 2", 225 pound linebacker remains committed to LSU but he still wants to take some visits.

"I have not narrowed it down yet. I am going to take my visits for sure, but I just do not know where yet. I am trying not to think about it right now."

What will Ferrell look for while he is on his visits?

"I want to see what the coaches are like and the environment that I will be around. I want there to be things to do outside of football. When football is out, am I going to be comfortable with my surroundings? That kind of stuff."

For now, Willie is concentrating on finishing strong. He led Florida A&M to the State Championship his sophomore year and they were a Finalist last year. As a junior he had over 180 tackles and finished his sophomore campaign with over 200 tackles.

"We are 5-3 right now. We just came off a big District game. Our defense and offense is doing well. We have three more games before the playoffs start. We are starting to become one heartbeat like our past teams. Personally, I am not having as good of a year as I had hoped because I am coming off an injury. I just want to win though. That is my only focus. I have close to 100 tackles in 6 games. I missed three full games because of my injury."

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