D' Iberville standout reshuffles Top 3

The 6' 3", 185 pound 2007 All-Coast selection has had Alabama and USM at the top with the Rebels running in third for quite some time now but it looks like Ole Miss has inched closer to the Tide.

"Ole Miss is still very much in the picture for me," added Kevin Norwood. "I am suppose to go to one of their games coming up. They come after Alabama. It is Alabama, Ole Miss, and USM."

What did the Rebels do to make a move up?

"I saw them play against Alabama on TV, and I liked how they passed the ball. They have been recruiting me hard since this summer too. I still like all three of those schools a lot though."

What other games has Kevin seen on TV?

"I saw Auburn/USM play too. Auburn is still recruiting me pretty good too. I have seen all of them on TV, Alabama, Auburn, USM, and Ole Miss. I also went to see Alabama play earlier this season."

Norwood was contacted by LSU for the first time last week.

"They called me last week, and told me they wanted me to come up to a game. They told me that they looked at my tape and liked what they saw. They said they were sorry they had not been up on their recruitment with me, but they had not had an open date to go over my film."

Kevin could end up watching Tigers play Alabama in a couple of weeks.

"I am hopefully going to make it to that game. LSU wants me to come up that weekend. It would be a good game to watch."

Which colleges never miss a week in making phone contact with the D' Iberville standout?

"It has always been Alabama, USM, and Ole Miss. They call every week, and I call them a lot. It has been that way since the Spring really."

When Norwood got a chance to watch his top two schools play on TV (Alabama and Ole Miss) what was he looking for?

"I was looking to see who passes the ball the most, obviously Ole Miss did. I think Alabama might have passed the ball more in the first half, but Ole Miss slung it the whole game. I was also looking to see who has the better defense and both of them were pretty equal in that area. And I wanted to see who was seniors at my position and see who all was good at wide receiver. Both teams looked pretty good."

Kevin was not surprised at how equal the two teams were on the field.

"I knew Ole Miss was good because they beat Florida a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was going to be a tough game. I was just watching to see what was going to happen. It was a great game."

What surprised Norwood the most about the game?

"That Alabama ran the ball the second half as much as they did. Ole Miss was making a big comeback, and I figured they would pass the ball more."

What did he notice about the two team's receivers?

"I learned that Ole Miss has some seniors that are leaving. Actually, both of them do. I already knew both of them had some seniors leaving. I do not want to take anybody's job, but I want to come in as a freshman and start. I wanted to see who all I had to go against, see if I have the talent and speed to match up to those guys."

What did Kevin learn about how he stacked up against the Alabama receivers?

"I will have to go in there and work hard."

And Ole Miss?

"I think I can come in there and start, but both of them are going to be hard. They have some good receivers at both schools. Either school I go to it is going to be a lot of work for me to start as a true freshman."

What were Norwood's impression from watching the Auburn/USM game?

"The USM coaches have been telling me that they are going to throw the ball more. I had not seen them play, so I wanted to see if they do throw it as much as their coaches were saying. Obviously, they do. And Auburn, I was just basically watching them to see what they had."

Does Kevin fit in at USM?

"Yes sir. I feel like that all of those schools who have offered me I fit in because they have a lot of seniors at my position. As long as I work hard, I will have a shot at at any of them. That is all I want, a shot, just a chance to prove I can come in as a freshman and be an impact player."

What will Norwood look at next after the playing time factor?

"That is about it, game wise. I want to go somewhere where I can get my degree and get a good education. I do not want it to be too far from home, but at the same time, I do not want it to be that close either."

Out of all of the offenses at Alabama, Auburn, USM, and Ole Miss; which one looked like they needed Norwood the most?

"At times, USM. I can come in there help them next year. I know that for sure. Auburn looked like they have everything they need. Ole Miss, I feel I can come in and help them out too. And Alabama, I can come in and help them out even more."

Why more at Alabama?

"I say even more because they already have a great offense, but they are missing another big time wide-out outside of Julio Jones. I can be their missing link. I can line up opposite of Julio, and then it would be a perfect offense. Ole Miss, I can come in and help them out a lot because they have a lot of seniors leaving. I do not know what type of recruits they are bringing in at receiver. I just know that I could help them out even more, but I also know I could come in and help Julio Jones."

Will Norwood take an official visit with each one of these schools before making a commitment or could it come before?

"I am going to wait and take my visits first."

Norwood mentioned before that his mother would prefer her son to stay close to home and attend Southern; is that still the case?

"She is for where ever I feel is best for me. She will get a good feel for these places when she comes on my visits with me, but it is up to me."

D' Iberville is 9-0 on the season and face Picayune for the District championship. Norwood has been a force lately as he has over 400 yards receiving and 5 TD's in the last four games.

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