Practice Report: Thursday

The Rebels went through a light, full-speed workout Thursday as they eagerly await the arrival of Tommy Tuberville's Auburn Tigers. On Friday, the gameplan will be reviewed in a walk-through practice.

Through the years, Houston Nutt and Tommy Tuberville have butted heads as opposing head coaches in some great football games.

"It's always been tough matches with Auburn, starting when Tommy was here and then when he went to Auburn," Houston said. "The games are always very physical and 60 minutes of getting after each other. You always know what you are going to get - there are few secrets. We know where they are going to line up and try to do and they know the same about us. It's real football, best man wins."

Nutt said he and Tub are friendly.

"We actually started together on the same staff at Arkansas State. Larry Lacewell hired both of us, but I only stayed there four-and-a-half weeks before going to Oklahoma State when Jimmy Johnson went to Miami and I went to OSU with Pat Jones," Nutt noted. "We are friends. He's a good football coach."

Expecting a physical match, Nutt said this could be a game when some of his more "straight forward" players like MLB Tony Fein and DT Jerrell Powe could have an influence on the outcome.

"I hope they will factor in. They will certainly have an opportunity," he closed.

Nutt was pleased with the week's practice in getting ready for the Tigers.

"We spent a lot of time on special teams, two-minute situations and special situations today. Overall, we had a real good week," said Nutt. "As a staff, we've been very cognizant about the energy and attitude the guys have had since we are coming off two tough, physical and emotional games. We've got another one facing us and we have to be ready. I think the senior leadership this week has been outstanding."

Houston was also keeping a close watch on his and his staff's energy level after the emotional trip back to Arkansas.

"We came down a little bit as coaches too, but all it took was to look at the schedule to get us back up," he smiled. "It's November. People remember November. It's time to go."

Random Notes:

* Nothing has changed from a depth chart standpoint from last week's Arkansas game. . . DT Lawon Scott is still starting ahead of Ted Laurent. . . LG Reid Neely is still getting the nod ahead of Darryl harris. . . CB Marshay Green will start ahead of Dustin Mouzon, although Mouzon is expected to play. . . SS Jamarca Sanford, bruised shoulder and all, will start against the Tigers.

* Offensive Coordinator Kent Austin, whose Mother passed away Monday, was at practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but he missed today. Mrs. Austin's memorial service was today.

* Nutt was asked about the future of the cornerback positions - next year and beyond - and he responded that he does not think it's bleak. "Marshay and Cassius are in their first year of starting. They will be much better next year. We have young guys like Marcus Temple and Derrick Herman who we have a lot of faith in and we are going to recruit for that position hard," he said. "We certainly have work to do at those positions, but we are not going to panic over it. We think we can shore things up by experience, some younger guys getting better and through recruiting."

* DE Greg Hardy dressed out and practiced Thursday and, early on, appeared to be a little better than yesterday. There was no speculation on if and how much he could play against Auburn, but some improvement was noticed with his condition.

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