Daniel Hood sets up visits

One of the top prospects in the state of Tennessee has seen his team get off to a perfect start.

"We are 9-0 right now and we have our last regular season game this Friday," added Daniel Hood. "We have already clinched our Region. We are Region champs. We beat a tough team in Kingston last Friday. We went for two and won the game."

How has Daniel's season gone at TE?

"It has been good. I have enjoyed it. It has become more natural. It is a position you have to work at, but I have been pretty successful. I have caught every ball thrown my way but 3 or 4. I have around 10 catches so far."

The 6' 5", 260 pound Knoxville Catholic standout also starts at defensive end.

"I have been doing really good there. I was named Defensive MVP in Week 8. I have played pretty well and recorded a few tackles."

Has Hood had a chance to attend any college games recently?

"No, the last game I went to was the Ole Miss game."

Any official visits set up?

"I am planning on taking one to Ole Miss on November 28th unless we are still in the playoffs, which we probably will be. I am going to have to probably reschedule that one. I am going to Georgia Tech on December 12th."

Which colleges are staying in weekly phone contact?

"It is still Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Miami just started calling a couple of weeks ago. They offered me a scholarship last week."

Anymore new offers?

"That is it. Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Miami, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Colorado, UCLA, Louisville, North Carolina, Vandy, and Tennessee. Those are all of the schools who have offered me so far."

It it still a two way horse race between the Yellow Jackets and Rebels?

"Yep, those are the two."

Daniel reported to us last that if he were to do well at tight end this season, he was going to sign with Ole Miss. And if not, he was going to sign with Georgia Tech because they like him for offensive tackle. Is that still the case?

"Ole Miss told me the other week that if it does not work out with me at tight end, they will move me over to offensive tackle. I am not really looking at Georgia Tech if I fail at tight end anymore. I am just looking for the best overall fit."

What stands out the most about Georgia Tech?

"It is really just their academic prestige."

And Ole Miss?

"I really like the player/coach relationship they have over there. That is the one thing that impresses me about Ole Miss."

Does Daniel already have a good idea where he is going to sign, or is he going into the official visit process with a true open mind?

"I am going into it with an open mind. I would not say I have my mind up where I want to go, but I kind of know where I want to go. I just want to go visit both schools one more time to make sure I am making the right decision."

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