PK Andrew Ritter talks about his options

The 6' 4", 205 pound place kicker out of Jackson Academy is noted to have the strongest leg in the South and these stats do not lie.

"I am 51 of 51 in touchbacks this season," added Andrew Ritter. "I have been pleased with that. It was my goal to go through my senior season without anyone bringing one back, and I have done that. I am averaging right at 71 to 72 yards on my kickoffs. My punts are a lot better this year too. I also kicked four field goals over 50 yards this season and one of them set a school record. I kicked a 58 yard FG."

Ritter took in his third Ole Miss football game of the season this past Saturday.

"I had a good time. That was probably my best visit yet. I went to the Samford and Vandy games, but this was the best time I had. It was intense. It was just a great atmosphere. I went into the locker room after the game, and I got a feel for how the players are and I liked it a lot."

What did the coaches say to Ritter?

"I spoke to Coaches Shibest and Jones. They were excited to see me up this weekend. Coach Shibest and I have talked a lot on the phone, so I already knew him from before. He just basically told me that he hopes to have me up there next year."

What is Ole Miss telling Andrew about the scholarship situation?

"Coach Nutt has a policy where he only has three special team players on scholarship, which I understand. Rob Park is leaving, and they are bringing in Tyler Campbell next year to take his place. I kicked with him this summer, and he can kill it. They need him. I understand that. They have to have a punter. They told me with Tyler coming in, they would already have four special teams players on scholarship next year, so they want me to walk on and put me on scholarship my sophomore year and take Justin Shene's scholarship. They also told me that there might be a chance that a spot would open up before signing day but it is not likely."

Ritter grew up in an Ole Miss family and a long time fan, so where does this put the Rebels?

"I understand that is all they can do. I am excited about it. It is a great opportunity for me to come in and take over for Shene. I would love to have a scholarship out of high school, but it is a great opportunity to play in the SEC. I am excited about it. But I want to look over all of my options and take some official visits before I decide."

Who else is involved?

"Right now, I have been offered official visits from Army, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and USM. Right now, I plan on taking visits to those four schools, unless I am offered a visit by another school that I am more interested in. I have some more schools that are still talking to me like LSU, GA Tech, Memphis, and Alabama. I am taking an unofficial visit to LSU this weekend to see them play Alabama. I went to their camp last summer, and I have been talking to Coach Robinson ever since that camp. We talk on the phone every week. We get along real well. They have a great atmosphere. Their stadium is crazy. Arkansas has also been calling me about coming up there and taking an official visit. Alabama has not really been calling much. I sent them a highlight tape, and they said they were impressed. They want me to come over there and meet them in person. I do not know what will come out of any of those schools, whether they will offer me or not, but I am going to wait and see."

Ritter did receive a full scholarship offer from an instate school last Wednesday.

"USM offered me. It is a guarantee offer coming out of high school. I am really excited about it."

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