Rebels still after committed CB

Lakewood is gearing up for a championship run due to the play from their star playmaker.

"Right now, we are 6-1 and have won 6 straight games, added Jaquez Jenkins. "I have over 1, 300 passing yards/19 TD's, and I also have over 500 rushing yards/5 TD's."

What has been the difference this season?

"Every aspect of our game has improved. We brought in a new coach with a new offense. We like to spread it around. We improved our defense a lot. We returned a lot of starters. We went 6-4 last year and took it to the next level this season."

The 6' 2", 180 pound standout plays mostly quarterback, but he does get in some reps at cornerback when needed.

"Some games, I will play just offense, but in some other games I will come in at corner on passing downs. But I have yet to play a whole game on defense. I have around 28 tackles, 1 pick and forced fumble on defense so far."

Do most colleges project the St. Petersburg native to play defensive back on the next level?

"Most of them like me at corner, but some of them like me at free safety. Ole Miss and Indiana like me at corner. South Carolina likes me at WR. South Florida said I can play either. Florida wants me at safety."

Are there anymore colleges that are heavily involved with the recruitment of Jaquez?

"Iowa State and Kansas have both offered me too."

Any visits set up?

"No sir, I am going to do that after my season is over. I have not given it a lot of thought. I verbally committed to South Florida, so I really have not given it a lot of thought."

What attracted Jaquez to South Florida?

"I like everything about South Florida. The coaching staff, I have been around them a lot. It is a program on the rise. It is right across the water from me. The location is real convenient."

Have the other colleges backed away since Jenkins committed to South Florida?

"No (laugh). I still get calls every week from Florida, Iowa State, Ole Miss, and Indiana."

What is Ole Miss saying?

"I talk to Coach Vaughn every week. We are building a relationship. He talks to my mom a lot also. They are having a good season. They lost a couple of close games they should have won, but they beat Florida. They have some players from this area, Dexter McCluster and Lawon Scott and Andrew Harris. I know those cats. We played in the same league together growing up. I use to play against Dexter when he was at Largo too. I have known him for a while."

What is Florida telling Jenkins?

"They said they are looking to recruit two safeties and I am one of them. I should be getting an offer from them soon. Coach Addazio calls me for them."

What about Indiana?

"The same thing. They want to get me up there for a visit."

And Iowa State?

"They just want to get me up there for a visit. I am still pretty firm with my commitment to South Florida, but I am going to take a couple of visits. I do not know if it will be to Iowa State or not, but I will take some visits."

What will Jaquez compare while he is on his visits?

"I want to see how the staff and players are. Does it have a family chemistry? I also want to look at the school and their academics. I am just going to go by feel. Does it feel like home or not? That is basically it."

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