"Wild Rebel" candidate talks about OM visit

The Banneker tailback brought over a couple teammates and his parents to the University of Mississippi this past weekend to see them play Auburn. What was College Park resident looking for before he came on the trip?

"I wanted to see what the atmosphere was like. I really liked it. My parents liked it a lot too."

What stood out the most about Ole Miss?

"How the coaches treated me. Just how the acted towards me. When I came on campus, everybody already knew I was. Everyone was greeting me, and I did not even have my name tag on. That caught my attention."

What stood out for Moreland's parents?

"My mom likes the campus. When she showed up, all she wanted me to do is look at the academic buildings (laugh). I do not think she was too concerned about anything if it did not have to do with school (laugh). But you know how moms are. She was impressed with their tutoring programs they provide and the structured environment they have for their players."

The town of Oxford and the campus at Ole Miss was different than what he was told beforehand

"Going down there, I was told that Mississippi would bring all of that racism, but after going down there, I saw that it was not that way at all. People just need to see Mississippi in person before believing all of that stuff."

Alfred witnessed the Rebels beat the Tigers by the score of 17-7, but he was looking at their offense more than the score.

"I wanted to look at the offense they run. Their coaches wanted me to watch #22 (Dexter McCluster), and see how he was used, because that would be my role if I go there. I liked how they got him the ball on the edges so he can use his quickness. They would do a lot of quick pitches and screens to get him in open spaces."

Moreland was leaning towards Ole Miss before he came on the trip and nothing has changed.

"The campus was even better than what I was expecting. I already knew I wanted to play SEC ball, but now, I have already made my choice to sign with Ole Miss. I just like the relationship I have with Coach Rocker and the way I would be used."

Alfred still has not totally shut the door with his recruitment though.

"I might be lining up another visit to Georgia Tech to go see them play Miami. Coach Preston gave me a call the other day. He wants me to come back over there and meet with the coaches. I did not get a chance to meet them last time, so he wants me to meet them face to face this time."

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