Rebels set to scout '10 quarterback tonight

Gulliver Prep (FL) is making another run at a state championship this season after an early exit last year. One of the reasons many consider them to be the favorite to bring home the trophy is due to their star QB who leads talent rich Dade and Broward counties in passing. The Rebels will be getting a first hand look at Michael Strauss tonight. To learn more, read below.

"I took over the starting job the second half of my sophomore season," added Michael Strauss. "I had a senior in front of me to start the year, but I became the starter mid way through the season."

This year the 6' 2", 195 pound signal caller has not looked back.

"We are 7-1 right now and are playing really good. This season has been going perfect except for the injuries we had Artice Kellam and Frank Crawford. We lost Crawford for the season, but Artice should be coming back in the playoffs for us. I am still leading Dade/Broward County in passing yards with 1, 900 and I think I am second in TD's with 20. Our last game, we did not play because the other team forfeited the game, so I dropped in touchdowns."

What does Michael do best on the field?

"I am a pocket passer. I have good feet. I am not one to roll out. My first option is to stay in the pocket, but if I have to, I can roll out and scramble."

Strauss still realizes there is room for improvement.

"I need to keep working on my footwork and get my speed down in the 4.7's. I am trying to work on getting stronger so I can throw that 60-65 yard ball. I am just trying to get better everyday."

College recruiters have already taken notice.

"I am getting a lot of letters from a couple of schools, and I am getting letters from a lot of schools, but I do not have any favorites right now. Vandy and Ole Miss are writing me a lot. I have gotten to know Coach Vaughn from Ole Miss pretty well. He is coming to our game tonight to watch me play. I am also getting a lot of letters from Clemson, Kansas State, Duke, Michigan State, and Stanford, but Ole Miss and Vandy are coming after me the hardest. That does not mean they are my top two schools or anything. They are just showing me the most interest right now. Vandy probably sends me the most mail. They send me two or three letters a week. I get a lot from Clemson too. I get hand written letters from them. Those are the ones that count."

One of Michael's tutors is Dan Werner, the former Miami and Ole Miss offensive coordinator.

"He has helped me out a lot, given me a lot of good advice and knowledge of the game. I talk to him on the phone a lot. He is good friends with my dad. They have been good friends since I was 8 or 9 years old. He coached my dad. Coach Werner gives me pointers about my game, and he is the reason I started looking at Ole Miss because he told me that it was such a good college and that got me interested in Ole Miss."

The Rebels also have another connection with the Gulliver prep standout.

"Coach Beaz is up there now, and he just to coach at my school. They are recruiting Frank Crawford and Artice Kellam too. I sent them my film, and Coach Beaz introduced me to Coach Vaughn, and we have been talking ever since. They are coming over here tonight to watch me play. I saw Coach Vaughn at school today. He was watching some film on me with my coach. I have not been over to Ole Miss yet to check out their campus, but I told Coach Vaughn that I am going to come after my season is over."

The Crimson Tide also have a connection with Michael and Gulliver Prep.

"Coach Irwin is at Alabama now. He use to coach here too. We are real/real close. I went over to their Jr Day and then I camped over there this past summer. Alabama is starting to recruit me pretty good too."

What does Strauss know about Vandy?

"I do not know that much about Vandy. They are just sending me a lot of letters. Coach sent a post card with his number in it, so I am about to start calling him so I can get to know him better."

Which campuses has Michael visited in the past?

"The only camps or colleges I have been to so far are Auburn, Alabama, FSU, and Miami. I went to all of their camps. This summer I am going to take a tour of a lot of campuses and stadiums. I am looking forward to it."

Below is footage from Strauss' sophomore campaign at Gulliver Prep.

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