Recruiting update with CB Charles Sawyer's #53 nationally ranked cornerback has had another standout season for Coral Reef.

"I have 68 tackles and 5 interceptions so far," added Charles Sawyer. "Health wise, I am good. I have not done anything big. I just keep doing my assignments and doing what I am suppose to do."

Those are modest words for a player who made the game winning interception on two occasions for his team.

"Well I have made some plays, but we are only 3-5, so you can never brag too much when you have a losing record. I am into W's, not stats. I did not really accomplish my personal goals that I set forth for myself. I did play better than last year, but we still missed the playoffs. I am pretty disappointed. We play our last game on Friday, so I am going to try and finish on a high note."

The 6' 0", 180 pound shut down cornerback did see some improvements in his personal game, despite the losing record.

"Last year I was playing off more. This year I am more athletic, and I have a lot more knowledge. I have more picks this year than I did last. This year everything is different."

Sawyer has already begun to set up his official visits?

"I start my visits on December 5th. I go to West Virginia, and then on the following weekend I go to Ole Miss. In January I am suppose to go to Vandy."

There is one more school that could be receiving a visit as well.

"North Carolina is really sending me a whole lot of letters and interest."

The Gators offered Charles this summer, but for now, it looks like he is headed out of state.

"I have lived in Florida my whole life. It would be nice to get out and see the other parts of the country."

What stands out about West Virginia?

"We talk every week. I really like their staff. I like the town and the team. I like how they react around each other. They have not offered me yet, but we are talking a lot. I have a good relationship with them."

And Ole Miss?

"That was my first offer, so they have always stood out. Coach Vaughn and I talk every week. We have a very/very good relationship. I can talk to him about anything."

What does Charles know about the Rebels, outside of the staff?

"I saw Ole Miss play Florida. They are a fighting team. They lost a few games, but they did not get blown out. They have a great defensive coordinator and a great cornerback coach. Their CB coach is Coach Vaughn, so that makes it even better for me. They are just a young team and full of energy."

What are Vandy's positives?

"Me and Bobby Johnson have a great relationship too. We talk every week. They are a great academic school that has improved their football program. They take a lot of pride when they are on the field."

What stands out about North Carolina?

"Their team is looking real good, strong. They always give second effort, even when they are behind. Coach Davis is a great coach. I have not spoken to them on the phone but a couple of times, but they are sending me a lot of hand written letters and are talking about me coming up there for an official visit."

What will the Miami resident compare while he is on his visits?

"I want to see how the environment is around the school. I want to know if I can trust the coaches. Every college is unique, so I am going to mainly look at the coaches and the environment around the school."

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