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The celebration in the locker room after the Rebs earned their sixth win of the season, making them bowl eligible, with a convincing 59-0 shelling of UL-Monroe was pure joy. Read the players' postgame thoughts inside.

The following are player quotes after the Rebs trounced UL-Monroe 59-0 for their sixth win of the season. Ole Miss is now 6-4 overall and 3-3 in the SEC.

WR Mike Wallace: (On being bowl eligible) From day one, these coaches came in here and told us we could do this, we could go to a bowl. They always had confidence in us. They always believed in us and that helped us start to believe in ourselves. Even after we lost a couple of games we shouldn't have lost, the coaches stayed with us and told us we would come around. They never let us get down. Finally, it's all started clicking for us better and we've been able to win three in a row and get bowl eligible. We dug down deeper and we got it done. It's a great feeling. (On his 88-yard catch that didn't quite make it in the end zone. It was the longest pass play in Ole Miss' history, by the way) I split two defenders when I caught the ball and took off. I got some great downfield blocks and just cut off them. I thought I was going to score but I didn't quite have my feet under me and wasn't going full speed and a guy got me from behind. I wanted to score, but it was a big gain and set us up to score.

DE Greg Hardy: (On being bowl eligible) It's great to have this opportunity. It's not something we have felt before and it's special. We are having a lot of fun. We think it is big for this program. We didn't allow ourselves to get trapped in this game - we stayed focused knowing what was at stake. We have tunnel vision now and we are determined to finish off the season strong so we can enhance our bowl status. (On his play - a sack and an interception - and his progress) I was just trying to get back in the groove of playing. My foot is not 100% yet, but I am almost pain-free now. I don't feel as fast as I was yet, but I am making progress. It was fun to be out there again. It's always good to feel like you are a contributing part of your team and I felt I finally contributed today.

Tb Cordera Eason: (On having more than one back carrying the load) It's feel real good to be able to go to anyone and expect good results. Dexter (McCluster) makes plays out of nothing and Brandon (Bolden), Enrique (Davis) and Derrick (Davis) are all excellent backs who are going to get yards when they have the chance. We feel we can wear teams down and make things happen and that's what it is all about. (On the play of FB Andy Hartmann in place of Jason Cook) Andy threw a couple of great blocks on a couple of my runs and we were all excited for him. We knew he would do the job, but this was the first time he's had that many snaps and it was great to see him perform. We didn't miss a beat with him in there. Jason is our leader, but Andy did a great job in his place. (On getting 100 yards rushing for the second week in a row) Coach Nix told me he was going to pull me when I got 100 so I was glad to go on and do it. I am also pleased I have not had a negative yardage carry in two or three games and that's a credit to the offensive line. They are really opening up some holes and driving people back now. It allows all of the backs to get downhill quickly and that's fun when you are a back. (On the first drive of the game) Coach Nutt told us we were going to pound them on the first drive and that's what we did. We set the tone of how it was going to be early and we never let up. If we can keep the running game going, everything is going to alright because everything in the offense feeds off that.

DE Chris Bowers: (On the team's attitude) The way Coach Nutt coaches is to take care of his players and to get us ready for games in great shape and fresh. You want to play for a guy like that. You want to give him all you've got and more. As I said before, football is fun again and it's showing in the way we are playing and preparing for games. We are focused and intense because we know Coach Nutt is going to take care of us and that we are one big family where everyone has everyone else's back. I would not have believed we'd be in this position last year. I have to pinch myself, but it's a credit to the new attitude of the coaches and players. (On going to LSU) It will be a great challenge, but it is every week. We are looking forward to it and want to go in there and strengthen our bowl position with a win. It won't be easy, but nothing is that is worthwhile. (On his game against UL-Monroe. Chris had a career-high 6 tackles, which led the team) It was fun out there. I was excited to get an opportunity for some more game snaps and I was excited to produce when I did get more snaps. (On the confidence level of the team) We needed to take care of business to set ourselves up for the last two games and that's what we did. I think our confidence level is sky high right now. I'm not sure we believed early in the year, but we believe now and that's all a part of confidence.

WR Dexter McCluster: (On the game) We wanted to make a statement today and I think we did that. This is our third win in a row and I think our what that says is that we are real. We want to keep going and not stop now. (On his 25-yard TD run) I was stopped going to the right, so I just went left and picked up a wall of blockers. Jevan Snead actually made the block that got me in the end zone. The momentum of Monroe's defense was all going right so when I changed directions it was hard for them to change with me. (On playing RB) I've always been comfortable playing running back and this is kind of a dream come true for me. I always wanted to try tailback on this level and now I am getting that chance. A lot of people doubted me, but I knew I could do it. (On being bowl eligible) It feels great, but we don't want to stop here. The job is not done. We have come together as a team and we are reaping some rewards from that. (On the OL) They have grown so much in the past month. They are clicking now and that makes it a lot easier on the running backs.

LT Michael Oher: (On the offense) We wanted to establish the run game. We wanted to start fast, run it down their throat and show them it was going to be like that all day. I think we accomplished that. It helped us to focus knowing Monroe beat Alabama last year and should have beaten Arkansas this year. It kept us focused, plus I think we have developed great character on this team, which also helped us from having any kind of letdown. Everyone understands what is at stake each week/ Each game gets bigger and bigger and that's how we want it. It motivates you to do everything the best you possibly can. (On the senior leadership) The younger guys look up to the older guys. They need someone to follow and I think our senior class is doing a good job leading. We have kept our heads on straight and stayed focused and the younger guys see that and follow our lead. (On LSU) It's always tough down there. You have to come to play every snap with everything you have. We have no intention of doing otherwise. (On Houston Nutt) I am so glad Arkansas let him go. That's all I can say. He's a great coach and he's our coach and I couldn't be happier about it. (On the Rebel defense) They give us all kinds of trouble in practice and as far as I am concerned they are as good as anyone we have faced in games. They have a lot of great players over there and it's showing up in games. The DL is amazing - Coach (Tracy) Rocker is doing an amazing job with those guys.

QB Jevan Snead: (On being bowl eligible) It feels so good to reach that goal and milestone. I am happy for the seniors on this team - they have waited a long time and suffered through a lot of setbacks, but they didn't let it keep them down. That's a credit to them and I'm proud to have helped them achieve that goal. (On the team's performance against UL-Monroe) I knew we were ready to play. I knew everyone was focused. We were determined to get bowl eligible this week and we got that taken care of in a hurry. (On the run game) It's gotten really good and that really helps me as the quarterback. I like throwing the ball, but when you can run it like that there is no need to. We have a great OL and great backs and the receivers are doing a great job blocking downfield. It's clicking. (On his game - Jevan ran for two scores and threw for three more) I had a couple of throws I could have made, but didn't put them in the right spots, but overall I thought I did OK. No turnovers is what excites me the most. (On the next game) We just want to keep climbing up the bowl ladder. Winning is how you do that. We understand how tough that will be in Baton Rouge, but we look forward to giving it our best shot. (On Houston Nutt) He's always positive and that rubs off on everyone. Coach Nutt is a great coach. He's not a good coach - he's a great coach. We would do anything for him.

CB Dustin Mouzon: (On being bowl eligible) It's been a long time coming. We've had some long seasons here where we didn't have anything to show for all our efforts. Now, maybe we do. It's still not over, but at least we are eligible for postseason play and that feels really good - I can't tell you how good. I've been waiting on this my whole career. The thing is we don't want to stop here. We want to keep grinding and get more wins. We are still hungry. It's not about a bowl now - it's about how big a bowl can we get. (On starting at CB) It's been a long process but I stayed positive. I got a lot of support from guys like Jamarca Sanford and Chris Bowers and the other seniors. I stayed motivated. Today was important to me not as an individual but as a contributing member of a team that has learned how to win after so many hard times in the past. We have a motto - One Heartbeat. We take it seriously and have lived by that. It has paid dividends and feels wonderful to be a part of. Coach Nutt told us if we didn't believe in that theme and that motto then we needed to find something else to do because it was the only way we were going to win. We took it to heart and it's special to see it pay off. (On the defensive performance) We were not about to take Monroe lightly. We stayed focused and stayed on top of them all day.

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